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As part of their strategy to combat cybercrime in Europe, Steven Wilson, Head of Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3), has signed a Memorandum of Understanding MoU with Jean-Luc Moliner, Orange Head of Group Security. The agreement is meant to ensure a smooth running of cyber security and to enhance a safe cyber environment through information sharing. According to Europol, there ... Read More »

Agents in Kazakhstan Trained to Combat Dark Web Drug Traffic

Law enforcers in Kazakhstan were recently trained on how to counter and manage online dark web drug trafficking. The training targeted employees for domestic law enforcement agencies in the country’s capital of Astana. It involved 15 agents and they were taught in order to teach and train other agents. Also in attendance were representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs ... Read More »

Utilizing the Blockchain Technology To Combat Global Software Piracy

Since the late 1970s, software piracy has grown into a serious problem negatively affecting software developers and undermining their ability to preserve the copyrights of their digital creations. The past 30 years have witnessed significant advancements in various computing technologies. However, developments and innovations in communications technologies have catalyzed software piracy, via provision of high speed delivery, mobility and portability ... Read More »

Interpol Teams up with cyber security firm to combat cyber threats

The International Police Organization more commonly known as Interpol announced on August 7th that it had signed an agreement with cyber security company Palo Alto Networks for data exchange as they look to boost ways to combat online crime. Palo Alto Networks happens to be the first cyber security company to sign a Data Exchange Agreement (DEA) with INTERPOL according ... Read More »

Demand For Ethical Hackers Rise as Corporations Look to Combat Dark Web Criminals

Hackers are categorized into black, grey and white hat hackers. Black hat hackers are individuals or groups which target corporations and organizations with a malicious intent for political or financial gain. Grey hat hackers aim to find exploits in the computer and IT systems of corporations and either publish the findings or request incentive for the exploitation. Lastly, white hat ... Read More »


Stuttgart To Form Cybercrime Center To Combat Organized Crime On The Internet

Against the increased criminality on the internet, the public prosecutor’s office in Stuttgart, Germany is setting up a central cybercrime department. The department’s main focus will be to prosecute organized criminals on the internet. “This is about organized crime, so the serious cases,” head of the authority, Chief Prosecutor Siegfried Mahler, said on Wednesday in Stuttgart. According to Mahler, organized ... Read More »

Southwest Germany To Join Forces With Saarland To Combat Cybercrime

The Southwest region and the state of Saarland seek to join forces to fight against cybercrime in Germany. At the request of the German Press Agency, Baden-Württemberg’s Interior Minister Thomas Strobl (CDU) said that a cooperation agreement should be concluded with Saarland at the end of the week. “Cyber Criminality does not have any national borders,” Strobl said in a ... Read More »

Australia Gets $25.4 Million to Combat Illegal Firearms Trade

The Australian federal government announced that they will be using the $25.4-million-dollar funding boost to combat the illegal firearms problem. “We know that modern technologies such as the dark web are enabling organized criminals to expand their reach globally and exert significant influence over Australia’s black market, including drug trafficking, money laundering, extortion and firearms offences,” Minister for Justice Assisting ... Read More »

Tor to Combat Malicious Node Problem

The discovery of over a hundred malicious nodes has prompted the Tor Network to develop a new design which is designed to fight this ongoing problem. Developer Sebastian Hahn assured that code has already been written to address this issue, and that the release date is being determined. The Tor Network has said that the attacks do not unmask the ... Read More »

Law Enforcement Watch Helplessly as Deep Web Crime Thrives

While hidden services and illegal marketplaces on the dark web are growing, law enforcement authorities are facing inner problems. Since the lack of manpower and proper skills among authorities, the dark net remains a “safe place” for criminals to operate. According to cybersecurity specialists, law enforcement agencies need to do a major change in terms of their tech infrastructure and ... Read More »

The EU Hashes a Plan to Combat Fake Product Reviews

This move is being talked about in order to reduce the risk of fraudulent reviews that could ruin the consumer market and damage legitimate businesses. Online Platforms and the Digital Single Market Opportunities and Challenges fits all platforms and users can post product reviews. The proposal, which is dated may 25th,2016, states that the European Commission is exploring the theoretical ... Read More »

Obama Signs into Effect the Transnational Drug Trafficking Act of 2015 to Combat the International Drug Trade

It seems that most of the wold already thinks the American Government over steps its bounds abroad. These new amendments Obama just signed into play will definitely fuel they’re burning fire. This new Act is intended to allow the United States’ reach on the drug war to stretch far and wide; allowing them to prosecute any drug manufacturers who have ... Read More »

UK To Combat Cyber Criminals In National Security Strategy, Strategic Defense And Security Review

The United Kingdom’s government has published its National Security Strategy, Strategic Defense And Security Review for 2015 this month. The government mentioned points including the defense against terrorism, extremism, organized crime, protecting the UK overseas, crisis response and many other important factors for the country. However, which is more important for the dark web users, it is their policy on ... Read More »

New International Task Force Planned to Combat Cyber Crime

International policing agencies are now working together in order to create a more globalized approach to dealing with the critical issue of cyber crime. This comes after the third cyber crime conference which focused on assessing potential threats, co-operation models and the legal and practical challenges facing institutions such as INTERPOL and Europol. Growing Threat One of the issues facing ... Read More »