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A Russian Hacker Confesses to Being the Creator of a Bank Trojan Horse

A 33-year-old male citizen from Russia who is responsible for affecting people’s computers and laptops with a Trojan virus has confessed to the crime in a Federal Court in Manhattan. Stanislav V. Lisov created the malware known as NeverQuest and programmed it to infect people’s devices when they accessed various online platforms. The virus, also known as Vawtrack or Snifula, ... Read More »

Playpen Creator & Lead Administrator Found Guilty, 30 Years in US Prison

On May 1, Steven Chase, a 58-year-old creator and lead administrator of Playpen, was officially sentenced to 30 years in prison by US District Judge Richard Voorhees of the Western District of North Carolina. Chase was also required to forfeit his residence in Naples and accept a lifetime term of supervised release. Playpen is a sophisticated dark web marketplace and ... Read More »

US Indicts Suspected Kelihos Botnet Creator

On April 10, 2017, the Department of Justice announced a massive law enforcement operation that aimed to eliminate the Kelihos botnet. The operation involved US law enforcement agencies and “foreign” partners, according to the press release. A Pen Register Trap and Trace Order, signed by a United States Magistrate Judge, allowed the FBI to sinkhole the botnet. On April 21, ... Read More »

Creator of the Nuke Banking trojan “Leaks” Source Code

The Nuke HTTP bot or nuclear HTTP bot landed in rough waters soon after release. Despite the banking trojan’s unique status and set of features. Some believed that the features listed by the trojan’s vendor, Gosya, were too good to be true at the listed price. Gosya made matters worse when the hacking forum community discovered the entity never gave ... Read More »

Mobile Messenger Creator and Millionaire Sentenced to 17 Years

Shaun Collopy established an online drug selling business, which used the untraceable online currency of Bitcoins. Shaun Collopy was sentenced to 17 years for his online drug-dealing operation on Dark Net. Shaun Michael Collopy plead guilty to 30 drug trafficking charges after establishing his online drug venture was shut down in late 2013. Collopy and his partner, Gary Cooley set ... Read More »

Creator Of MegalodonHTTP DDoS Arrested In Norway

Bin4ry, whose real name was not disclosed by authorities, the creator of the MegalodonHTTP, was arrested in Norway in Operation Falling sTAR in December, 2015. The Europol led operation was launched in October against users of RATs (Remote Access Trojans). In the current (second) phase of the operation, Europol officers arrested 12 suspects in France, Norway and Romania. Five of ... Read More »

Police Raid After Bitcoin ‘Creator’ Revealed

Hours after Wired & Gizmodo magazines claimed bitcoin was created by an “unknown Australian genius” called Craig Wright, his home is raided. Police have raided the Sydney home of a man named as the likely creator of cryptocurrency bitcoin, according to the Reuters news agency. Bitcoin’s code was released in 2009 under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto, and journalists and ... Read More »