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Former Footballers Indicted for Using Stolen Credit Cards

A grand jury in New Jersey indicted eight former college football players for fraudulently using credit cards purchased on the dark web. The group allegedly worked together to purchase stolen credit cards online and then transferred money into their personal bank accounts and debit cards. In December 2018, a Middlesex County Superior Court grand jury charged eight former football players ... Read More »

Rutgers Football Team Players Indicted in Dark Web Credit Card Fraud Scheme

Earlier this year, eight football players from Rutgers were relieved of their duties on the team because they were alleged to be involved in a credit card fraud scheme that resulted in the victims’ loss of thousands of dollars. After an intensive investigation, the law enforcement unravelled that the team players acquired the stolen credit card account numbers from dark ... Read More »

Undocumented Romanian National Pleads Guilty to Dark Web Credit Card Fraud

The United States of America’s Department of Justice has charged an undocumented Romanian with committing cyber fraud at an ATM around the Memphis and Germantown area. This was confirmed by United States Attorney Michael Dunavant, who in charge of the Western District of Tennessee. The suspect, identified as Cristian Balazs-Andras, 24, was first arrested by law enforcement at Tennessee Bank ... Read More »

Dark Web Credit Card Cloners Steal Thousands from Behind Bars

In a sting multi-agency operation headed by the Federal Burial of Investigation, a prolific credit card scammer who had siphoned thousands of dollars cash was uncovered. The scammer is reported to have perpetrated his heinous acts while he was behind bars. According to the Fed reports, the suspect is now serving a much lengthier sentence on top of what he ... Read More »

Florida Fraudsters Allegedly Used Stolen Credit Cards from the Darknet

In Wakulla County, Florida, a victim of credit card fraud reported several fraudulent charges to detectives at the Sheriff’s Department. Only days later, the police received video footage from a shopping center that revealed four hooded individuals entering the building and frantically swiping the cards at self-checkout stations. The men, investigators later learned, had purchased dozens of stolen credit and ... Read More »

New Jersey Man Busted Cloning Credit Cards in a Hotel Room

A Spring Valley, New Jersey, man was arrested on several fraud charges after buying stolen credit card numbers from vendors on the darknet and then writing the numbers to magnetic strips of blank cards. His arrest, like that of another recent fraudster using stolen identities and credit cards, occurred at a hotel where he had been staying under a false ... Read More »

Alleged Fraudster Caught with Fake IDs and Stolen Credit Cards

According to recent documents filed in Multnomah County, Oregon, an expensive stay at a hotel in Portland followed by a declined credit card transaction led to a suspected fraudster’s arrest. Police arrested the suspect for using stolen credit cards, fake identification documents, and counterfeit currency he had purchased on the darknet. Steven Perini, a felon with a lengthy record of ... Read More »

Sushi Restaurant Catches Two with Fake Credit Cards

Two youngsters from Pau, France, were arrested for using stolen credit cards to make purchases. The two, both aged 25, committed crimes by ordering goods using stolen credit cards they bought off the darknet. In an ironic twist, the two managed to scam shops, acquiring goods worth 6,000 euros, only to be caught and arrested because of a sushi order. ... Read More »

Suspects on dark web credit cards used to purchase appliances arrested

Police in Macon County have detained several suspects related to credit cards stolen and sold on the dark web, and later used in making transactions in purchasing appliances. They say that several thousands of dollars have been spent by the people. These arrests reveal the severity of the matter and its extent. The dark web continues to come up with ... Read More »

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Two Men Jailed For Role in Cloned Credit Card Fraud

Credit Card cloning has been in the cybercrime world for quite some time now and even though efforts have been made to try and stop this act, such as alerts whenever an authorized charge appears on your card, cybercriminals have diverted their attention to devising new means to overcome these boundaries of security measures. The new thing in town is ... Read More »

International Credit Card Cloning Group Arrested

On Friday, Hyderabad police busted an international credit card cloning gang and arrested five people. This arrest came as a joint operation between Rachakonda Special Operations Team and Cyber Crime cops. The five suspects arrested are Ayyappan (30) from Chennai, Challa Bhaskar Rao (43) from Visakhapatnam, Padiga Raghavendra (32) from Ongole, Pallecherla Vamshi Krishna (25) from Kothapet and Sidhula Bhaskar ... Read More »

India Police Arrests International Cyber Crime Gang Selling Credit Card Details Of Indians Online

The cyber wing of the Madhya Pradesh Police on Monday arrested two persons for their involvement in the hacking of credit cards of other people and making large and crazy online purchases. The duo is believed to be members of an international cyber-criminal gang whose specialty is hacking credit cards run by a Pakistani national, Shaikh Afzal with Shozi as ... Read More »

Credit Agency Uses Darknet to Scare Customers into Buying Services

One of the world’s biggest consumer credit reporting agencies is trying to use consumers fear of the darknet to try and sell an identity theft protection product. Experian, known as one of the “big three” consumer credit reporting agencies alongside TransUnion and Equifax, is pushing its IdentityWorks Premium program as a way to protect consumers identity from nefarious users who ... Read More »

Two Arrested for Stolen Credit Card Scam in Italy

On September 14, France’s Financial Affairs police arrested two men for illegal possession of financial data. The men, according to Le Progrès, a French regional newspaper, ran a credit card fraud operation in Lyon, France. One man stole card numbers and the second packaged the numbers for distribution on darknet marketplaces and forums. The credit card fraud began in June ... Read More »