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Bolivia Police arrests 60 people for Cryptocurrency crimes

Bolivia is one of the countries that has closed its doors to the discussion on Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, although it still cannot avoid its use. Before the prohibition by the authorities, illegal businesses rose out within the realm of cryptocurrencies. This has been confirmed after the report that 60 arrests of supposed promoters of fraudulent businesses with digital currencies ... Read More »

How to Keep Track of Your Cryptocurrency Investments

The cryptocurrency investment space is low. There are hundreds of alternative cryptocurrencies out there, many of which employ exciting technologies and provide innovative features. There are currencies, blockchain platforms, app coins, and all types of other “stuff”. There are even meme coins like Dogecoin and Pepecash. If you’re a cryptocurrency enthusiast, it is easy to consider and use these altcoins ... Read More »

Cryptocurrency and Gaming – A match made in heaven

Blockchain technology is sometimes referred to as disruptive and it’s not just in the financial sector, many industries will be affected by this technology. One them seems to be already ahead of the curve. We are talking about the gaming industry. Cryptocurrencies and videogames are a match made in heaven. Why? Because virtual currencies have existed in video games almost ... Read More »


Hallex – A Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Via Ethereum’s Turing-Complete Blockchain

A large number of cryptocurrency exchanges have experienced cyberattacks that led to the loss millions of US Dollars worth of bitcoins and altcoins, during the past 4 years. In most cases, most cryptocurrency exchanges utilize centralized servers, where trading takes place, to store and manage digital assets, which renders them highly valuable targets for hackers. Accordingly, decentralized exchanges represent ideal ... Read More »


PathShuffle – Turning Ripple Into A Fully Anonymous Cryptocurrency

Ripple as a credit settlement network represents one of the most promising coins in the cryptocurrency continuum presently. Ripple’s “I owe you” credit path-based settlement form of transactions sets Ripple apart from bitcoin by promoting fast, low fee settlement transactions. Ripple’s psedonymous characteristics, while still permitting tracing back senders and receivers of transactions, has encouraged many financial institutions across the ... Read More »

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Coinspermia : Unchaining Cryptocurrency

Even though the blockchain technology has introduced the world to a revolutionary concept of digital currencies that can entirely transform the global financial system, the scalability of bitcoin, and many other cryptocurrencies, is hindering mass adoption of the world’s first decentralized currencies. Bitcoin’s proof-of-work (PoW) scheme promotes immutability and consensus formulation; however, it represents a process that consumes enormous time ... Read More »

PascalCoin – A New Cryptocurrency Setting a Record For Daily Trade Volume

Right after being enlisted on Poloniex, the cryptocurrency exchange, the price of PascalCoin (PASCAL) soared by more than 1600% within less than 24 hours. The volume of exchange exceeded 7000 bitcoins less than a day after the PASC/BTC market was added to Poloniex. Although the first block on PASCAL’s blockchain was mined last August, PascalCoin didn’t attract much attention until ... Read More »

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CoinAsia – Asia’s Unified Sovereign Backed Cryptocurrency

Sovereign backed and regulated cryptocurrencies are increasingly gaining acceptance as novel solutions to the world’s economic crisis. The Bank of England announced launching its own cryptocurrency, RSCoin, a few months ago to strengthen the British economy and facilitate global trade, while the central bank of China, or People’s Bank of China, is working on replacing the present monetary system by ... Read More »

Patent – A System For Exchanging Value Across Various Cryptocurrency Blockchains

Cryptocurrencies can be exchanged within a peer-to-peer environment, without relying on 3rd intermediary parties. Although exchange of value is possible using a single cryptocurrency, exchange of values across various coins’ blockchains is currently not possible without utilization of some sort of an intermediary party, such as cryptocurrency exchanges. To overcome this problem, a patent was introduced proposing an innovative system ... Read More »

An Overview Of Smart Contract Scripting For Cryptocurrency Blockchains

The blockchain technology offers secure means for recording information in a distributed, decentralized manner, which opened the door for using it to transfer value via cryptocurrecies. The blockchain technology utilized the concept of “smart contracts” which was coined by Nick Szabo in 1994, aiming at revolutionizing contract law and formal business practices via innovation of electronic commerce protocols between trustless ... Read More »


SPECTER : A New Scalable and Fast Cryptocurrency Protocol

One of the big issues with bitcoin’s blockchain is the scalability of the protocol which means that the blockchain cannot process a high transaction throughput rate, mainly because the block size has to be kept to a minimum, and their production rate has to be low to guarantee that mining nodes can reach consensus in a secure manner. As of ... Read More »


Solidus: A New Cryptocurrency That Promotes Permissionless Byzantine Consensus

Although bitcoin has exhibited a logarithmic rise in popularity during the past few years, the world’s first decentralized currency has also been faced by many challenges. It is inarguable that the long time needed to successfully confirm some transactions and the small transaction throughput are considered the biggest challenges hurdling mass adoption of bitcoin. Lack of incentive at specific steps ... Read More »

Eurakos Next: A New Complementary Cryptocurrency Based On the Ethereum Blockchain

Virtual currencies, particularly cryptocurrencies, have witnessed a booming growth pattern during the past few years as they have proven to offer a fast, highly secure, low fee payment method that is exceptionally convenient for small (micro) as well as large transactions. A group of researchers from the University of Girona, Spain and the Universidad Autonoma de Bucaramanga, Columbia have published ... Read More »