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Introduction to Cryptography, Part 3

In part two we went over the differences between block / stream ciphers and their modes of operation. We also discussed modular arithmetic and the basics of the data encryption standard (DES). This part is going to go over a basic introduction of elliptic curve crypto systems and the OpenSSL cryptography library. To start, let’s go over what elliptic curves ... Read More »

Introduction to Cryptography, Part 2

In the first part of the series, we went over what cryptography is and gave a few examples of historical ciphers. Part two is going to cover stream / block ciphers and their modes of operation, as well as go over the data encryption standard (DES). Let’s start by learning about block ciphers. Symmetric cryptography is broken down into two ... Read More »

An Introduction to Cryptography

This post is part one of a series on an introduction to applied cryptography. While a PhD in math is not required to understand this material, it is helpful if you know some university level math (elementary linear algebra / number theory, calculus, and discrete math). It is also assumed that you have a basic understanding of network security and ... Read More »

NIST to Begin Preparations for Quantum Resistant Cryptography

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is following the example of the NSA, which last year announced it was time to develop and eventually transition to new cryptographic algorithms as the new and rapidly developing field of quantum computing begins to deprecate the current, standard algorithms. This marks the beginning of a new era of cryptography, considering our current, ... Read More »

NSA Switches To Quantum-Resistant Cryptography

In a recently published FAQ, the NSA outlines the switch for NSS (National Security Systems) from Suite B cryptography to the CNSA (Commercial National Security Algorithm Suite). The NSA describes the CNSA as a “suite of algorithms identified in CNSS Advisory Memorandum 02-15 for protecting NSS up to and including TOP SECRET classification. This suite of algorithms will be incorporated ... Read More »

E-Book Recommendation: GnuPG – High Level Cryptography

To newbies taking their first steps with encryption, or users looking to expend their knowledge we would like to recommend about a new Ebook – released just now, about  GnuPG – that includes full explanations an usage guide for email &  files encryption the book if FREE for download or in a “Pay as you can model” (leave a BTC ... Read More »