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Billings Man and Daughter Accused of Running a Dark Web Drug Operation from West End Home

Authorities have accused a father and his daughter of running a large scale drug trafficking business and taking advantage of loopholes in postal services. Just like many other vendors, the duo set up a store on the dark web and ran illegal drug services though which they made profits in cryptocurrencies. They are said to have made numerous successful attempts ... Read More »

Gun Ownership Rises in Europe as Terror Threats Prompt Civilians to Buy Weapons on the Dark Web

Recent reports show that there has been a spike in the number of firearms held both legally and illegally by civilians in Europe. The sudden rise is attributed to terror attacks that have filled residents with fear causing them resort to various measures to protect themselves and those they care for. Such attacks include the Bataclan Theatre massacre that took ... Read More »


Research (?): Deepdotweb – The most cited reference in academic research centered on the dark web

The dark web represents parts of the internet that only exist on darknets, or overlay networks, that can only be accessed via special software and browser configurations. The dark web comprises a small percentage of the deep web, which represents content on the world wide web that cannot be indexed by conventional search engines. The dark web comprises a number ... Read More »

National Crime Agency has warned dark web drug dealers are branding products “vegan” and “ethically friendly” in a “marketing ploy” to appeal to the middle classes

Drug dealers have hatched a new ploy in which they brand their products as vegan or ethically friendly so as to attract customers, especially those of the middle class. Reports from the National Crime Agency (NCA) say that these dealers market their drugs on darknet market sites to people who prefer to use eco-friendly substances. This tactic has developed many ... Read More »

Multi-Agency Force Brings Down Dark Web Identity Theft from Douglas County

Recently in the city of Long Tree of Colorado, two arrests linked to identity theft have been made. These are among many other apprehensions that have been made by organized multi-agency services in Douglas County aimed at bringing retail identity theft to a halt. Other such white-collar crimes include defalcation as reported from Highlands Ranch, a local case of identity ... Read More »

Finnish Teen Ran a Drug Trafficking Ring on the Dark Web

Investigations carried out by Finnish police based in Eastern Uusimaa, Southern Finland led to the discovery of a dark web drug trafficking ring. The ring in question is believed to have been run by an 18 year old teen and to have dealt in a variety of drugs including MDMA, cocaine, amphetamine, and ecstasy. The ring delivered the drugs all ... Read More »

Dark Web Drug Dealer Pleads Guilty to Selling Cocaine Through U.S. Mail

A male resident of Florida pleaded guilty to selling cocaine through the dark web. Eimantas Juskevicius admitted that he would market the drugs on the dark web, and then after selling them, he would ship them to his customers via U.S. postal services. Juskevicius had been performing the illegal trade for a while over the darknet under the name ‘decandyman.’ ... Read More »


Research: The cost of being legit on the dark web

The dark web has been always thought of as a place to conduct illegal activities, such as trading illicit drugs, buying hacking products, facilitating online child abuse, and weapons trafficking. However, many studies have shown that considerable legal activities also take place on the dark web. The online anonymity offered by Tor renders it indispensable for political activists, whistleblowers, and ... Read More »

Former Rugby Player Used Bitcoin to Purchase MDMA Over the Dark Web

A former rugby player in the A-grade Darwin Rugby League in Australia was given an 18 month prison sentence after he pleaded guilty to possession of MDMA pills with the intent to supply. The rugby player allegedly acquired hundreds of MDMA pills from a dark web marketplace; prosecution failed to disclose the name of the marketplace. According to court documents, ... Read More »

Lubbock Man Sentenced for Stealing Mail and Selling Personal Details on Dark Web

In Lubbock, Texas, a resident was prosecuted in a federal court of law on December 28 and sentenced to a four-year imprisonment along with an additional three years on probation following the prison sentence. The 31-year-old male named Garrett Austin Malone confessed to the crime of stealing mail in Lubbock and selling the personal information and credit cards obtained from ... Read More »

French Startup Offers Dark Web Compass (Not For Everyone)

The dark web has been gaining popularity among people who desire to hide their identity as they surf through various items and engage in different kinds of business. The ability to safely operate with the help of the TOR browser has allowed the platform to harbor terrorists, murderer-for-hires, and illegal drug dealers. The anonymity offered makes it difficult for law ... Read More »

Two Young Men Arrested for Importing Dark Web Drugs Worth Lakhs

Police in Delhi have arrested two young men for importing illegal drugs worth several lakhs. The two suspects are accused of using the dark web to place online orders of illicit drugs and paying for the orders with virtual currencies. The imported drugs were then delivered through a courier firm. The two young men, who are in their early 20s ... Read More »