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Day Trader Used Bitcoin to Hide Earnings from the SEC

A 42-year-old day trader named Joseph P. Willner caught charges relating to illegal broker account usage and market manipulation through a scheme involving Bitcoin and private messaging applications. According to a Securities and Exchange Commission press release, Willner and an accomplice collected more than $700,000 through their “after hours” scheme. Willner’s partner had access to more than 100 brokerage accounts ... Read More »

Man Used Four “Masterchef” Ecstasy Pills Every Day

Some drugs carry a reputation for being “darknet drugs.” Although the darknet catches blame for carfentanil, various ecstasy presses are the real darknet drug. An Australian court recently heard the case of a darknet drug buyer who had been caught with ecstasy pills with the logo of an internationally famous television show. Bundaberg Magistrates Court heard how 20-year-old Lachlan Allbon ... Read More »

Russian Group Steals Up To $5 Million Per Day From US Companies

White Ops, a US-based cyber security firm, revealed that a Russian cyber criminal group has been stealing up to US$5 million on a daily basis from American corporations through the utilization of a botnet. A botnet, also known as a zombie army, is a class of online computers commanded to send spam or viruses to other computers on the internet. ... Read More »

Dutch Hospitals Report a Data Breach Almost Every Day

Dutch hospitals reported 304 separate incidents of patient data loss since January 1. According to the Authority for Personal Data (AP), the hospitals rarely encrypted the data. They also reported that the majority of the data loss occurred due to human error. Many data losses occurred after employees misplaced essential USB drives and other storage mediums. For example, a doctor ... Read More »

Mark Karpeles

Ulbricht: Day two Onwards & The Alleged Mt. Gox Connection

More articles about the Silk road trial at this tag: #SilkRoadTrial There’s no getting past it – Its been an interesting few days in the Pearl Street, with the trial of Ross William Ulbricht now well under way, and a few more bombshells being dropped inside the court room, and a couple of potential revelations outside of it. “Cirrus” was ... Read More »

Game Day For Ross Ulbricht and The New Frontier

More articles about the Silk road trial at this tag: #SilkRoadTrial Today’s the day the Dark Market community has been waiting for, for some time. The full weight of the federal evidence gather apparatus and prosecutorial machine has been brought to bear on a man who, it is alleged, dared to bite his thumb at the system, and with motions ... Read More »

Independence Day: A Time for Unquestioned Nationalism

July 4th Opinion article by Evan Faggart – The views in this articles represents the views of the author In the United States, July 4th marks the day of our independence. On this day, in 1776, the founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence, which served as the culmination of an intellectual revolution that lasted for several years in the ... Read More »


Starting the Day

Probably one of the best reasons to start the day, especially on a weekend. Getting out of bed is the hardest thing every single day. That’s why it may be a good practice not to pee before bedtime. It won’t do your health much good, but it can potentially give the kick-start you need every morning. Read More »

Barney Balloon

The Day Barney Died

Looks like lots of kids will be grieving over this incident. As a result of strong winds during Manhattan’s annual parade, the gigantic Barney float lost control. Swaying into a street light after a vigorous struggle with the handlers, Barney got punctured. Not an ideal outcome of a thanksgiving parade, but definitely entertaining. Read More »