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A Californian Man Jailed for DDoS Cyber Attacks

A 44-year-old man from El Segundo, California has been convicted and sentenced to over two years in prison for his role in directing distributed denial of service to two websites that belong to the famous Oklahoma telescope company, Astronomics. The suspect, identified as David Chesley Goodyear, instigated the attacks in August 2016, as reported by the United States Attorney, Robert ... Read More »


Prevention against DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks lead to the most devastating effects within a network. DDoS attacks are forms of congestion-control problems, and because most forms of such congestion are secondary to the effects of malicious hosts not following conventional end-to-end congestion control, the problem must be solved by routers. Designing a mechanism to counteract unidentified attacks targeting the application and transport layer represents ... Read More »

Interview with a Professional DDoS Extortionist

– Who are you and what do you do? My name obviously cannot be mentioned for obvious reasons, but I am a male between the ages of 25-35, living in Australia who enjoys extorting ponzi scheme websites in the crypto niche, BTC casinos, ICO’s and any other relevant cryptocurrency generating business that solely relies upon their website being online for ... Read More »

FBI Asks Businesses to Report DDoS Attacks

In an October public service announcement, the FBI explained “DDoS-for-hire” services and requested that victims of DDoS attacks file a complaint with the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). They explained that malicious actors sell DDoS-for-hire services (aka booters) on criminal marketplaces with effectively one goal: preventing access to a “U.S. company or government website.” In an earlier press release, ... Read More »

DDoS Attack Explained

DDoS means Distributed Denial of Service and it occurs when an attacker overwhelms a target, that is generally a server, with a load of traffic that the target cannot manage. DDoS is a special kind of DoS, Denial of Service attack, and it is important to notice the difference between them. A Dos, in fact, involves a single machine trying ... Read More »

Adam Mudd

British Student Jailed For Creating DDoS Tool And Selling It To Cybercriminals

A student from Hertfordshire, the United Kingdom was sentenced to prison for creating a stressing tool that was used by cybercriminals to conduct successful DDoS attacks. Adam Mudd, a 19-year-old computer science student from Toms Lane, Kings Langley in Hertfordshire, was tracked down as part of a complex multi-agency law enforcement investigation. During the police action, the Eastern Region Special ... Read More »

34 Teenagers Arrested For DDoS Attacks, Europol Wants to Send a Message

34 teenagers, mainly under the age of 20, were arrested by the European Union’s law enforcement agency Europol on December 12 for deploying DDoS-for-hire attacks on various websites. Europol Head of European Cybercrime Center (EC3) Steve Wilson stated a strong case will be made against young adults attempting to pursue a criminal path with technologies. Wilson, who led the successful ... Read More »

Recent DDoS Attack Sparks Consumer Need for IoT Protection

The massive DDoS attack that took out the host of several popular websites in the United States and Europe in October still didn’t seem to be enough to get the ball rolling on a set of national cybersecurity laws. Adam Levin, founder of the data protection company IDT911 sees the recent attack as one of several reasons to implement these ... Read More »

Analysis: Record DDoS Attacks by Mirai – IoT Botnet

Number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices is growing exponentially over time. Internet connected cameras, thermostats, refrigerators and others were recently part of biggest Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDoS) in the history. This article contains explanation of botnets, DDoS and analysis of recent record breaking DDoS attack by Mirai Botnet and brief analysis of the C++ source code! DDoS ... Read More »

Researchers Reveal DDoS Attacks Rewards

A Cryptocurrency known as a DDoSCoin has been developed by two researchers. Report by  Cryptocoins News, indicate that the DDoSCoin will be rewarding users that participate in a DDoS attack (distributed denial of service). Which only function when a website that is TLS-enabled (Transport Layer Security) is targeted by a user’s computer. TLS is a Cryptologic protocol in-charge of secure ... Read More »

DdoS Attacks Causing Panic for IT Pro’s

A new survey has IT pro’s scared to death, if it’s results are correct about the threat of DdoS extortions. IT security professionals are in an uproar over a DdoS-extortion attack sometime in the next year. A new report show that about 80 percent of them fear they’ll be targeted in such attacks within the next 12 months. Corero Network ... Read More »

Creator Of MegalodonHTTP DDoS Arrested In Norway

Bin4ry, whose real name was not disclosed by authorities, the creator of the MegalodonHTTP, was arrested in Norway in Operation Falling sTAR in December, 2015. The Europol led operation was launched in October against users of RATs (Remote Access Trojans). In the current (second) phase of the operation, Europol officers arrested 12 suspects in France, Norway and Romania. Five of ... Read More »

Possible Large-Scale DDOS Attacks on TOR Exit Nodes

Recently, there have been several reports of DDOS attacks being directed at TOR exit nodes. While a few of these reports are consistent, it is often difficult to assess a threat via community interaction alone. One user has posted a PGP-signed message on November 9th, and contained the following warning: “Hi, I am the operator of several exit nodes and ... Read More »

Interview: “Mr. Nice Guy” Market Admin Tells His Story

Just a few days ago, Mr Nice Guy admin was exposed while conspiring to ddos other markets, After the story started to spread, he requested to conduct an interview where he could tell his side of the story, and i was happy to provide him with the stage to do so, i just asked question and let him answer freely, ... Read More »