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A Novel Hybrid Web Crawler For Searching Both The Surface and Deep Web

  The spread of terrorism over the globe has led to an increase in the efforts of law enforcement agencies (LEAs) along the rough path of discovering information related to terrorist activities via taking advantage of the most recent innovations in the web search sector. Their efforts have been centered upon the “surface web” which represents parts of the internet ... Read More »

The Deep Web, Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS) and Psychonauts

Generally speaking, the internet and social media are growing in popularity at considerably rapid rates and presently play a pivotal role in the sale, distribution and marketing of “quasi” legal drugs. The quasi-anarchic nature of online marketplaces is gradually imposing a myriad of changes in illegal drug scenarios, changing the drug market to a virtual rather than a street perspective, ... Read More »

Botnets and the Deep Web

A bot is a special form of malware that is considered one of today’s most sophisticated tools of cybercrime. They enable hackers to control a large number of computers simultaneously, and turn them into an army of “zombie” machines, that operate collectively as a powerful “botnet” to create spam, and commit various forms of malicious activities. What is a botnet? ... Read More »

Deep web data mining algorithm 1.PNG

A New Algorithm for Deep Web Data Mining

The logarithmic rate of advancement of internet related technologies, machine learning science and techniques of data mining have led to wide application on the internet page information pattern analysis problems. A couple of researchers from Hebei University, China, have just proposed a new algorithm for deep web data mining in an attempt to boost the efficiency of currently present mining ... Read More »


Research Paper – A Novel Approach For Deep Web Info Extractions

The enormously wide variety of internet resources and the effective features available on various websites of the deep web today, have rendered safe deep internet browsing, while also finding high quality content, a rather hard goal to achieve. Web exploration represents the process of extracting information from different details property offers such as e-trade and other garage area information extracting ... Read More »

Using Cryptocurrencies To Regulate The Deep Web

The dark web represents an encrypted part of the internet that is hosted on hidden servers, whereas the deep web refers to all web services that can’t be indexed by traditional search engines such as Google and Yahoo. The dark web includes various players such as privacy advocates, whistle blowers and investigative reporters along with drug dealers, computer hackers, child ... Read More »

A New Concept For Deep Web Crawlers

Content that belongs to various pages of a website can only be enlisted within a search engine’s results page, only if this content has been indexed, or “crawled”, by the search engine’s “web crawlers”, or “web spiders”. A web crawler, or a web spider, is a special script that traverses the internet to index websites’ content. Conventionally, web crawlers can ... Read More »


QuickNet – A Faster, More Efficient Deep Web Network Architecture

QuickNet is a novel deep network architecture that is faster and more efficient than the current “fast” deep web network architectures such as SqueezeNet. QuickNet utilizes fewer parameters when compared to previous network architectures. This has been made possible via implementing a couple of pivotal modifications to the reference “Darknet” network architecture model: a- Using depth-wise separable convolutions. b- Using ... Read More »

Staying Safe on the Deep with TAILS

This tutorial is about getting into the deep web in a easy and more secured way. When you access the deep web simply by downloading Tor into your computer, you are putting yourself at risk. First, you are leaving traces on your computer that you access the deep web (unless you delete and download Tor every time you want to ... Read More »

Canadian Federal Police To Develop Deep Web Crawler

The Canadian Police is investing in the development of a specific software that will search and monitor the darknet for the most hidden content and services (which is, of course, highly illegal). The funding for the brand new deep web crawler is just a part of the Canadian government’s program. The funding source for the software is the Canadian Safety ... Read More »

The Dark Web, Deep Web and Dark Net – Terminology Hell

Post by @Deku_shrub – Pirate Party UK and digital rights activist, transhumanist and systems administrator: I’ve recently completed some major work on Wikipedia trying to provide strong definitions of these terms. ‘Deep Web’ is a term first coined by a search indexing specialist company called ‘Bright Planet’ who used it to describe unindexable content covering dynamic databases requests, paywalls and other ... Read More »

The Deep Webb – New Darknet version of Reddit

Just announced on the clearnet version of Reddit: I welcome the beta version of the darknet of reddit or the deep web. http://2c7lhc5tai5a3wdd.onion You can call it the front page of the deep web. The site functions just like reddit but more taboo subjects. Go ahead and create subreddits and lets see what happens. As it’s in beta, some functions ... Read More »

5 People Charged in the UK with Deep Web Crimes

5 More people were charged in the UK for crimes related to Silk road – the first one is the known legal highs and drugs paraphernalia vendor “PlutoPete,”  – 53-year-old Peter Ward, who posted an announcement on his twitter: Finally been charged for my part in Silk Road, 9 charges inc conspiracy and supply class A and B :( — ... Read More »

Swiss Police Seize Bot Used To Buy Drugs On The Deep Web

Recently many reports appeared about An automated bot called the “Random Darknet Shopper” that was programmed to buy random products from the Dark Net Markets (From Agora, if to be more accurate) as part of an art exhibit in Switzerland. Once a week the bot went on a shopping spree on the Agora marketplace buying random products, some of which ... Read More »