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Eavesdropping On Tor Exit Nodes

In the last article, I talked about the appropriate configuration of the Tor browser and the steps to follow to further strengthen our privacy. Now, we’ll see how it is possible to have our data leaked even if our Tor browser is working in the right manner. The first thing to point out, is that Tor encrypts our communication only ... Read More »


Dispatch from Academia: Exit scams, hacking, violence, predation and fraud

Rasmus is a PhD student at the School of Criminology at University of Montréal. He has studied DNM’s since early 2014 and has, among other things, researched the politics of DNM’s, the demand DNM’s satisfy, how DNM’s affect global drug trafficking and much more. Currently his PHD research centers around trust and transactions on DNM’s, and he works with leading ... Read More »

Russian Tor Exit Node Operator Arrested

On April Fools Day, Russian authorities began an investigation into posts made online calling for protests in Moscow on April 2nd. Later that week authorities arrested Dmitry Bogatov, a math teacher at the Moscow Law and Finance University, on suspicion that he violated section 3 of Article 212 of the Russian criminal code. Under that section of Article 212, Bogatov ... Read More »

2 Florida Men Tied To the Sheep Marketplace Hack & Exit Scam

According to Forbes, The U.S. government has seized $4.5 million from two Florida men who allegedly stole 5,400 bitcoins from illegal online drug sales site Sheep Marketplace in late 2013, shortly before the price of bitcoin hit its peak of around $1,200, according to forfeiture documents filed last week in Jacksonville, Florida. The money was forfeited back in the spring of 2014, ... Read More »

Seattle Police Raid Home Of Privacy Tor Exit Node Operators

On the morning of March 30, the condo of Jan Bultmann and David Robinson, both privacy activists, was raided by the Seattle Police Department (SPD) with a search warrant looking for child pornography materials. The pair was operating exit nodes for the Tor network and this is not the first raid by the law enforcement authorities in the US on ... Read More »

PSA: Cloudflare Now allows you To Whitelist ALL Tor’s Exit Nodes

As well as many other site owners who use Cloudflare as their CDN and DDoS protection provider, we always suffered from the famous & annoying issue which we could never resolve – the fact that our visitors who use Tor were sometimes being forced to solve annoying captchas to access our site (or just use our onion address to avoid ... Read More »

East India Company: Another Exit Scam?

Seems like its the season of small exit scams, previously, a market would wait until it reaches a certain size, or accumulated a certain amount of BTC before pulling the plug and diving with everyone’s money, nowadays it seems that it just happens with the first deposit (THUG Market) or once the market manages to generate at least minor amount ... Read More »

Nucleus: Issues & Possible Exit Scam?

#4th Update on Nucleus: Seems to be back up: Nucleus Market. #3rd Update on Nucleus: “We have answered some questions about unaccessible accounts on the Support, but server will stay offline for next 5 – 9 hours due to preparations for relaunch.” #2nd Update on Nucleus: “We are still investigating the problem. Server should be back online yesterday.” Update on ... Read More »

Possible Large-Scale DDOS Attacks on TOR Exit Nodes

Recently, there have been several reports of DDOS attacks being directed at TOR exit nodes. While a few of these reports are consistent, it is often difficult to assess a threat via community interaction alone. One user has posted a PGP-signed message on November 9th, and contained the following warning: “Hi, I am the operator of several exit nodes and ... Read More »

Reminder: Reduce Exit Scams By Supporting “Multisig” Markets

At time like these, when reliable markets decide to shut down, and less-reliable markets decide to exit scam with your BTC (Abraxas Exit scam and Middle Earth Apparent exit scam), its a good time to remind you about the several markets that offer Multisig transactions, for those of you who don’t know what that is, you can read about it ... Read More »

BlackBank’s Exit Scam Confirmed: ~606BTC Gone.

Not a huge surprise or “breaking news”, but after few weeks of speculations, it seems that Blackbank’s exit scam is now confirmed, as the Funds were finally drained out of official (known) wallet addresses as we can see in wallet explorer: Known Wallet addresses related to BlackBankMarket via Walletexplorer BlackBank “Known” Wallet For everyone who lost money – sorry for your ... Read More »

Did The #2 Largest Dark Net Market, BlackBank, Exit Scammed?

Update: The exit scam is now confirmed. So, BlackBank market, one of the 3 current leading markets has been down for the past week or so for “security maintenance” (Does implementing a tumbler ring any sheep bells?) The most recent news posted on Blackbanks’ sub Reddit by blackbank_team, one of the market support staffer, seems to indicate that the admin, ... Read More »

Evolution Marketplace Exit Scam: Biggest Exist Scam Ever?

Updates will be added to this tag: #Evoscam Estimated Loss: 40,000+ BTC  (Around 12$ Million) Well, after posting yesterday about the withdrawal issues its pretty much confirmed now, the admins of Evolution marketplace, the markets thats being regarded as the biggest market currently have been exit scamming and unless proven otherwise, are now gone with everyone’s funds in what appears ... Read More »