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Connecticut Man Denies Selling Fentanyl as “1nolefb1” on the Darkweb

The United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut announced that a Norwich man pleaded not guilty to several drug and firearm charges at a court in Bridgeport. A federal grand jury recently returned an indictment charging the man with fentanyl and fentanyl analogue distribution through an account on the Dream darkweb marketplace and related firearm charges. According to John ... Read More »

Alleged Darkweb Vendor Arrested for Selling 50,000 Fentanyl Pills

According to U.S. Attorney Steven D. Weinhoeft, a San Diego woman has been indicted in Illinois for a fentanyl distribution conspiracy involving the alleged distribution of more than 50,000 “misbranded fentanyl pills” through the Dream darkweb marketplace. The indictment, in addition to the fentanyl distribution conspiracy, charged the alleged drug dealer with money laundering conspiracy. Melissa Scanlan, 31, allegedly sold ... Read More »

Suspect Behind “GermanTeam” Vendor Account Admits Fentanyl Distribution

At a recent hearing at a District Court in Dortmund, Germany, one of the three suspects accused of running a carfentanil trafficking operation through an account on a darkweb marketplace admitted to his role in the conspiracy. Three men—two brothers and a younger business associate—face lengthy prison sentences after German special forces raided their apartments in 2017 in response to ... Read More »

Dark web Vendor “Gman19635” Admits Fentanyl Conspiracy

A St. Petersburg, Florida, man has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute fentanyl through the Alphabay darknet marketplace, United States Attorney Scott W. Brady said in an August announcement. According to court documents and the announcements on the website for the United States Attorney’s Office of the Western District of Pennsylvania, the defendant sold several illegal drugs, including fentanyl and ... Read More »

Ohio Man Sentenced to Life for Fentanyl Distribution

According to Assistant U.S. Attorney Elliot Morrison, an Akron, Ohio, man was sentenced to life in federal prison in a Cleveland courtroom for fentanyl distribution that resulted in at least one fatal overdose. The man, Ryan “TJ” Sumlin, had connections to both a massive research chemical supplier in China and another fentanyl dealer from Akron previously covered in DeepDotWeb. Sumlin ... Read More »

Operation “Darkness Falls” Brings Down the Biggest Fentanyl Vendor in the US

According to an announcement from the United States Department of Justice, a joint operation conducted by several branches of law enforcement led to the arrest of one of the most prolific fentanyl vendors on the darknet. The operation, codenamed “Operation Darkness Falls,” targeted fentanyl dealers both in and out of the United States. Matthew Roberts and Holly Roberts, two 35-year-old ... Read More »

Canadian Man Accused of Selling Fentanyl on Alphabay and Dream

After announcing the arrest of the largest fentanyl vendor in the United States, the United States federal government unsealed the court documents detailing the arrest of the third largest dark web fentanyl vendor. Although the man was arrested in January, United States officials waited until after the man had committed suicide to announce his arrest. In a sworn affidavit in ... Read More »

Dark Web Vendor “MotleyFool” Admits Fentanyl Distribution

In August, one of the two defendants arrested for selling fentanyl on the dark web pleaded guilty to four felonies connected to fentanyl and opioid trafficking. The second defendant, although named in an original criminal complaint, will not be indicted as a co-conspirator. After the second defendant’s arrest, a judge allowed the pre-trial release of both defendants. The second defendant ... Read More »

Two Canadians Charged for Selling Fentanyl on the Darkweb

Canadian authorities have charged two suspected dark web drug traffickers in connection with a series of fentanyl and carfentanil seizures between 2016 and 2017. The suspects were caught last year after a multi-jurisdictional operation called “Project E-Neophile” led by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to buildings owned by two individuals in Kelowna, Canada. James Nelson, 36, and his wife Cassie ... Read More »

Darkweb Vendor “Darkking22” Admits Fentanyl Distribution

According to a press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Western District of Pennsylvania, a man from Euclid, Ohio, has admitted to the crime of fentanyl distribution. He further admitted that he had imported fentanyl and fentanyl analogues from suppliers in China for distribution throughout the United States via the Dream dark web marketplace. Antoin Austin, a 28-year-old ... Read More »

Alphabay Vendor “OlympusXans” Admits Selling Xanax and Fentanyl

A former darknet market vendor pleaded guilty to an alprazolam, methamphetamine, and cocaine trafficking conspiracy in Madison county, Alabama. According to the plea agreement, the man had been in possession of roughly 80,000 so-called “units” of alprazolam at the time of his arrest. Joseph William Davis, a 25-year-old from Madison county, Alabama, admitted selling tens of thousands of doses of ... Read More »

Alphabay Vendor “Zane61” Pleaded Guilty to Fentanyl Distribution

On August 8, a father and son from Staten Island, New York, pleaded guilty to selling fentanyl and other opioids through the dark web. The duo sold several fentanyl analogues, oxycodone, and fentanyl itself. According to information revealed in court, the father and son also admitted selling controlled substances that led to one buyer’s non-fatal overdose. The United States Attorney ... Read More »

Fentanyl Vendor “Zane61” to Accept Plea Deal, Lawyer Says

The attorney of a father and son accused of selling oxycodone and fentanyl on the darknet announced that both defendants will enter guilty pleas at their upcoming court appearance. As with many opioid dealers targeted over the last few years, both the father and son face mandatory minimum prison sentences of five years for admitting to a controlled substance distribution ... Read More »

NCA Fentanyl Investigation Goes After UK Dealers Product and Distribution

The National Crime Agency (NCA) launched an investigation into the recent report concerning the distribution of fentanyl drugs to around 30 countries. The drug vendors were all located within the United Kingdom. Following the high demand for this potent drug, vendors responded by producing them through any available means. The dark web has made it easier for sellers and buyers ... Read More »