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Tulsa food truck owner arrested for buying drugs on dark web

A Tulsa food truck owner is in police custody for allegedly ordering illegal drugs from the dark web and paying with bitcoin. According to the report, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection intercepted a package said to contain dangerous drugs. After consulting the appropriate bodies and engaging in effective communication, authorities traced the owner of the package and arrested Jeremy ... Read More »

“Asia Food” Narcotics Ring Busted In Germany

Law enforcement authorities arrested four persons in Derendorf, a district of Düsseldorf, Germany. The alleged criminals are suspected of running a narcotics ring in an Asia Food shop. According to the investigators, the two main suspects are twins, 33-year-old each, who were renting an Asia Food store in the well-commercialized district of Düsseldorf. They ran the shop since 2013, which ... Read More »

Blackmailer Warned Supermarket He Put Cyanide In Food, Wanted £2 Million

David Ward, a 51-year-old unemployed chemistry graduate blackmailed a supermarket (whose identity and location can’t be revealed due to a court ruling) claiming he had contaminated one of their products with cyanide and requested £2 million in compensation. According to the man’s letter addressed to the supermarket, he would have revealed where he placed the product if his demands were ... Read More »


Food Pictures

That is exactly my sentiments. It is sad if every meal becomes your day’s only highlights. There are a ton of other things that deserve more attention, and will basically be more interesting than what we had for breakfast. It is fine once in a while, but let’s make an effort to keep food photos to a minimal. Social media ... Read More »