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Bad Translations

Funny Menu Translation

  This is funny and means only one thing. The person who drafted the translation have zero familiarity of the English language. Menu items are not easy to translate, especially Chinese dishes. One would think that hiring someone who knows  both languages, even on a very basic level, would be a more logical option. Read More »

Thai Commercials

Funny Thai Commercials

A compilation of funny Thai commercials. Believe me, this country have a talent of designing humour on television. One who has never been to Thailand may think the country is behind on TV entertainment. The truth is, they are actually a whole lot better than what some of their Asia counterparts are offering. Read More »

American Actor in Japan

Funny Commercial Reels

A compilation of funny Japan commercial reels from an American actor. I can’t be sure whether this is for real because some Japanese commercials actually have a similar ring to them as what was shown in this video. It interest me as to whether this is considered a good portfolio to source for new jobs.   Read More »

Thanksgiving is around the corner. Have you thanked your local Indian?

Thanksgiving is around the corner

Thanksgiving is around the corner… Have you thanked your local Indian? Because I am sure that he or she would love to hear a great big thank you for walking a long ass trail and losing family members to the afterlife just so you could be behind on your bills…. Read More »

Baby knows what's up... Watch out parents...

Baby knows what’s up

Baby knows what’s up And he sure isn’t trying to downgrade! We spend our youth learning to crap like grown ups… Then one day, we’re a grown ass person who accidentally crapped themselves in front of a bunch of people that also don’t crap themselves. It all starts here… Read More »

It can sometimes pay to look before you eat/

Look Before You Eat!

It can pay to look before you eat! This dude didn’t pay any attention to his surroundings when he decided to eat his corndog. This leaves a few things wandering around my mind. I don’t know about yours. But… What About…   Where can I get such a scrumptious hot dog?   Why did he have to eat that at ... Read More »

This Asian Kid Answers the phone. Still got an Asian fetish? See a doctor.

This Asian Kid Answers the phone.

This Asian Kid Answers the phone. We all have an Asian fetish somewhere deep down inside. If this gets your Asian fetish going then you might need checked out. Otherwise, it’s true. Godzirrah is coming! Read More »

These are funny commercials!

Funny Commercials 2013

Kid knows how to get rid of a foe! The first commercial, man… This kid knows how to eradicate an enemy! Wait till you see the rest of the commercials in this best of 2013 commercials post! Read More »

Funny Fails

Funny Fails Compilation

Some of these fails will be remembered for their lives. Adding fuel to fire would be having others remember it for you since they are captured on camera, if they should one day be forgotten. If you do a fail compilation depicting the unfortunate events of your life, how long would the video be? if that should one Read More »

This little boy is getting his upskirt action on.

Little Boy Loves That Upskirt

This little boy has already come down with an upskirt voyeur fetish! He sure seems to be enjoying the view. Look at him as he sits there, staring to his little hearts content… up his mothers skirt. Somebody might want to explain the rules to him. Read More »

Theres always that dumbass alien monkey who laughs even when he doesn't get it.

Theres always that dumbass alien monkey…

Just when you thought people couldn’t get any stupider…. We all know it’s true, there is always that one dumb ass alien monkey in the group that doesn’t actually get what your saying, but laughs anyway, hoping nobody notices that he doesn’t get it. Read More »

This baby is utterly stunned by someones stupidity.

Who knew people could be so stupid!

This Baby Is Utterly Stunned By The Stupidity of Someone The poor little child had to come to the realization that some people are so stupid, that they can provide hours of entertainment. He was completely stunned to learn this, as you can tell by the look on his face. Read More »