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Assessing the relationship between bitcoin price dynamics and global financial markets

Since its birth, bitcoin has evolved to become a fascinating asset in global financial markets. Bitcoin’s extreme price swings have urged many researchers and financial observers to study its price dynamic and to attempt to correlate it with traditional financial markets. A recently published research study attempts to analyze the effects of global financial markets’ macroeconomic influences on the price ... Read More »

Global Operation Takes Down DDoS-for-Hire Site

On April 24, international law enforcement agencies announced several arrests connected to Webstresser.org, the so-called “largest” booter or stresser service available to the general public. Many of the countries involved in the investigation issued press releases that detailed the arrest of operators in several countries. The international investigation, as explained in a press release from the Dutch police, involved as ... Read More »

Utilizing the Blockchain Technology To Combat Global Software Piracy

Since the late 1970s, software piracy has grown into a serious problem negatively affecting software developers and undermining their ability to preserve the copyrights of their digital creations. The past 30 years have witnessed significant advancements in various computing technologies. However, developments and innovations in communications technologies have catalyzed software piracy, via provision of high speed delivery, mobility and portability ... Read More »

How Dark Web Evolved Into a Well-Structured Global Criminal Network

Earlier this week, award-winning business journalist Anthony Hilton explained that the dark web and its anonymous marketplaces operate as well-structured businesses. According to Hilton, the dark web itself portrays the structure and characteristics of a well-structured global criminal network. Over the past few months, law enforcement agencies internationally have started to focus on the crackdown of dark web criminals, drug ... Read More »

Ransomeware Hackers Launch Global Assault

Computer systems in dozens of countries were locked down on Friday, in an attack cybersecurity experts said made use of a software vulnerability that the US National Security Agency had allegedly exploited earlier. Among those caught up in the attacks were American delivery giant FedEx, and the UK’s National Health Service, which reported 16 hospitals or clinics shut down and ... Read More »


ARMA and GARCHA: Bitcoin’s Dependency Analysis On The Exchange Rate Of Global Fiat Currencies

Throughout the past few years, the value of bitcoin, and a handful of other cryptocurrencies, has skyrocketed. Moreover, bouts of uncertainty in regards to the fiat economy have been usually accompanied by sharp bitcoin price surges during the past couple of years which urged a large number of researchers to study the dependency between bitcoin and some of the world’s ... Read More »

Darknet Drug Purchases Increase by 2.2%, Global Studies Suggest

Two major global drug studies from Global Drug Survey and the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) emphasized the impact of the darknet on the rising global drug usages. EMCDDA specifically noted the rise of cryptomarkets such as AlphaBay, that accept anonymous cryptocurrencies including Monero to facilitate transactions. Bitcoin, the best performing currency and asset of 2016 ... Read More »

Citizens Turn To Bitcoin in the Wake of Global Demonetization

The process of demonetization is currently underway on a global-scale with several currencies seeing restrictions in both the circulation and use of national banknotes. India was the first and the most predominant example of the demonetization fiasco that is now plaguing several countries across the globe in what is being called a bid to fight corruption and money laundering. Countries ... Read More »

Darknet Bust: Global Law Enforcement Raids Massive Counterfeiting Organization

Many law enforcement agencies, each with their own name for the operation, just arrested an extensive counterfeiting organization. Most of the investigation took place in Naples, Italy. During the hunt for the distributor of more than 600,000 counterfeit euros, the investigation crossed borders. From Naples, notes traveled to Spain—with law enforcement close behind—then Portugal, Malta, France, and Germany. Europol arrested ... Read More »

Global Law Enforcement Arrests Five Suspects After a Four-Year Cybercrime Investigation

On November 30, 2016, a four-year investigation into the Avalanche network paid off. The investigation, dubbed “Operation Avalanche,” involved law enforcement agencies worldwide. The Department of Justice, FBI, Luneburg Police, Europol, Eurojust, and global partners dismantled an international criminal infrastructure platform known as ‘Avalanche.’ The Avalanche network delivered global malware attacks worldwide with a specific focus on Germany. According to ... Read More »


Global Drug Survey 2017 Will Highlight Darknet Drug Users Worldwide

The leader in worldwide drug studies, Global Drug Survey (GDS), announced a media partnership with Australia’s Fairfax Media. Additionally, the 2017 survey will pay special attention to how drug users across the globe make use of the darknet and what role the darknet has on drug use. The London-based organization was founded to collect information on global drug use, specifically ... Read More »

Investors See Bitcoin as Gold 2.0 Amid Global Market Instability

Over the past few years, bitcoin solidated its title as “the global currency” by outperforming reserve currencies and assets worldwide. The rising value of bitcoin and its decentralized nature have led high profile investors and traders to consider bitcoin as a safe asset. Upon the election of Donald Trump, the price of bitcoin immediately surged amid global market instability. Australian ... Read More »

Australia Arrests Four in Global Darknet Investigation

Federal officials in Australia published their own press release following the Operation Hyperion events in October. Australia, like many countries worldwide, participated in the global darknet investigation called Operation Hyperion. The Australian Federal Police (AFP) were among few agencies worldwide to issue a more-than-boilerplate press release. The press release, jointly published by the AFP and Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, described ... Read More »

300 New Zealanders Identified In Global Dark Net Crackdown

About 300 persons from New Zealand were identified by law enforcement authorities during a global police action called Operation Hyperion. The worldwide action took place between October 22 and 28. This was a “coordinated effort” to bust persons globally who are involved in illegal drugs trade on the dark web. Police and customs focused in the country prioritized screening for ... Read More »

Dutch National Prosecution Service and police launch Hidden Service in global Darknet enforcement operation

New scare tactic – Reposted from the dutch prosecution site – The Dutch National Prosecution Service and police launched a so called Hidden Service on the darknet today. The set up took place within the framework of ‘Operation Hyperion’. This first global Darknet marketplace enforcement operation ever, was conducted 22 to 28 October. Hidden Service Via the Hidden Service, an ... Read More »