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Italian Student Arrested for Growing Weed at His House

Authorities in Pisa, Italy, arrested a 28-year-old university student for growing and distributing marijuana. The police stopped him around 9pm and searched his possessions. According to the police, the young man had difficulty concealing his nervousness. The police would not have looked into him any further if he had acted normal. He was otherwise above any particular suspicion, they said. ... Read More »

Australian Cyber Security Centre Reveals Growing Toll of Cyber Crime in Latest Threat Report

Some citizens recently accused the authorities of folding their hands to watch cybercrime increase without any effort to place it under control. In a report released by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network, the monetary loss to online scammers in the country is around $300 million. The latest report from the Australian Cyber ... Read More »

German Politician: Crime On The Dark Net Is Growing

German politician Harald Schwartz (CSU – Christian Social Union in Bavaria) visited a local police station in Sulzbach-Rosenberg to discuss important topics, including internet and dark net crime. “In today’s world, crimes do not just take place in a conventional way, especially in the instance of economic crimes and Internet crimes,” this statement was the reason why Schwartz visited the ... Read More »

The Growing Use of Blockchain Technology Outside Bitcoin

Over the past few years it has become relatively apparent that bitcoin is not going away. Though rumors of its death are always greatly exaggerated, for a few years it seemed there was a real chance the whole idea may never catch on. The unshakeable association with illicit activities, wallet thefts, exchange heists and other bad press made bitcoin extremely ... Read More »

Biometric Security Growing : 20% Smartphones Unlocked With Fingerprint

A recent study conducted by Deloitte highlights the usage of biometric security in the UK’s smartphone users. In Deloitte’s sixth annual There’s no place like phone study, numerous notable digital trends and growths were unveiled. Although 81% of the population have smartphones, only 27% have digital fingerprint sensors, of which 76% are used. Smartphone usage had been rapidly expanding over ... Read More »

Crimes Against Children are Growing In Canada

Data that CBC News has shared reveals the number of child pornography cases in Hamilton, and across Ontario has grown a substantial amount in the last 10 years.  The general feeling is that the exploitation is becoming a major problem and affecting more people every day around the world and needs a better look by law enforcement and other agencies. “The amount ... Read More »

Report Says Firearm Smuggling To The United Kingdom Is Growing

A police report warns that gun smuggling is currently booming in the United Kingdom. Lethal weapons, including assault rifles and machine guns, and ammunition for them are being smuggled to the UK using the internet and postal services. According to the report, customers are using legitimate sites to buy guns online. An interesting point, however, is that the dark web ... Read More »

Evolution Marketplace Staff Speak: We are growing fast!

So it seems that as more people are posting threads agaist the interviewers, more people are seeking to do them, this time we had the REAL pleasure of interviewing Boogie – The PR representative of the Evolution marketplace.  Beside the fact that he was a fun person to interview he helped to clear out some common misconceptions about Evolution (refereed ... Read More »