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Studying Tor Network Traffic Using Hidden Markov Modeling and Dynamic Learning by Tamer Sameeh

Experimentation techniques aid in the testing of Tor’s performance and discovery of security problems, as well as allowing researchers to privately and safely conduct Tor experiments without imposing harm on live Tor users. Nevertheless, researchers using these techniques configure them in such a way to generate network traffic on the basis of simplifying assumptions as well as invalid measurements and ... Read More »


Recent flow watermarking techniques for detection of Tor hidden services

Tor is by far the most widely used anonymous network that is increasingly being exploited by users hosting and publishing content via hidden services. In most cases, Tor’s hidden services are used to distribute content that is morally or illegally deplorable, e.g. child pornography. Law enforcement agencies (LEAs) are constantly trying to identify users hosting and distributing such content. Innovative ... Read More »

Cloudflare Integrates Tor Hidden Services to its DNS Services

Cloudflare has launched Tor integrated DNS services. The service is a Domain Name System (DNS) resolver which is similar to URLs such as ‘Cloudflare.com’ with their specific and corresponding numerical IP addresses. This helps users locate where a given domain is geographically hosted and can thereafter match it up with associated servers and hardware devices. This means that the name ... Read More »

Using Bitcoin Transaction Analysis In Deanonymizing Users of Tor Hidden Services

Anonymity over the world wide web has never been a more critical issue. To achieve bulletproof anonymity, multiple solutions are being currently implemented by internet users all over the world. The most popular of which is the Tor network that represents the busiest anonymous communication network on the internet serving millions of users every day. Tor also enables webmasters to ... Read More »

Researchers Find Hidden Trackers in Android Apps

Researchers from several groups have discovered hidden tracking software inside of more than 300 Android apps available on the Google Play Store. Researchers with a French non-profit organization called Exodus Privacy initially discovered 44 trackers in over 300 Android apps. Researchers at the Yale Privacy Lab, an initiative created by the Information Society Project at the Yale Law School, hope ... Read More »


Examples Of Hidden Service Deanonymization

All have been disclosed and fixed A penetration tester under the name “UnhandledException,” with credit to “bl00d,” wrote an essay on hidden service deanonymization for DeepDotWeb in an effort to warn the community. In the wake of current situations and in preparation for future events, extra scrutinization is in high demand as new markets rise to fill the Alphabay and ... Read More »

A Comprehensive Privacy Analysis of Tor Hidden Services

Tor is one of the most popular darknets, which is known for its high levels of anonymity. Even though Tor’s protocol and its relay security have been thoroughly studied, there is currently no detailed analysis of the framework and privacy of hidden web services on this widely used darknet. To address this, a group of researchers formulated a specialized analysis ... Read More »

Steganalysis: finding hidden data in Images

The art of hiding secret messages in innocuous looking objects, known as steganography was introduced in a DDW article last month, featuring a tutorial on a useful tool that embeds data (usually text messages) into JPEG images – without making it obvious to the naked eye. Today I would like to discuss steganography’s counterparty, namely steganalysis – the art of ... Read More »

Dutch National Prosecution Service and police launch Hidden Service in global Darknet enforcement operation

New scare tactic – Reposted from the dutch prosecution site – The Dutch National Prosecution Service and police launched a so called Hidden Service on the darknet today. The set up took place within the framework of ‘Operation Hyperion’. This first global Darknet marketplace enforcement operation ever, was conducted 22 to 28 October. Hidden Service Via the Hidden Service, an ... Read More »

How Hidden Services DDoSing Works?

Anyone who’s been around the DNMs these past few years will know the frustration of the constant ups and downs experienced for various reasons. Some have closed due to LEA intervention, exit scamming and even other less dramatic reasons. We know that LEA intervention will always be a part of the markets and well so will exit scamming as long ... Read More »

How We Talk to Hidden Services?

It’s true that networking protocols and technologies have changed drastically through the years; from Arpanet, Hubs, BBS and even serial cable WAN connections spanning states and even countries. It is also true that the popular and standard communication protocols have changed quite a bit as well: ATM, Frame Relay, X.25 and eventually TCP/IP. All of these changes have been the ... Read More »

Tor: ‘Mystery’ spike in Hidden Services Addresses

A recent spike in .onion services has many speculating as to what might be happening. More than 25,000 new hidden services have surfaced in the last few days; leading some to believe one thing, and others to believe another. The possibilities are vast, but there are a few likely suspects. The new anonymous chat client Ricochet. In short, Ricochet stays ... Read More »

Planning a Leak? Chat With WikiLeaks Via a New Tor Hidden Service

After years of limited activity due to ongoing persecution, Wikileaks has taken one of its biggest steps since Julian Assange’s stalemate in London’s Ecuadorian embassy by opening a new Tor hidden service (http://wlchatc3pjwpli5r.onion/). This site allows visitors to chat with an anonymous Wikileaks representative and receive advice about making a leak. Alongside Sweden’s agreement to interview Assange regarding sexual molestation ... Read More »

Many Market Are Down – Heavy Attack On Hidden Services

PSA: YES, we know, just today we received around 1000 mails and comments regarding this issue and yes – many markets are down, there is some sort of attack going on, hitting hidden services (.onion sites), there is nothing you can do, be patient,  Tor network developers are working on fixing this issues at Top priority. This is not an ... Read More »