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Popular Dark Web Hosting Provider Hacked, 6,500 Sites Down

Daniel’s Hosting (HD), one of the most popular and largest web hosting providers on the dark web, has been hacked, compromising thousands of dark web websites which have since gone offline. According to the Daniel’s Hosting homepage, the sites were compromised on Thursday night, November 15, and the provider has been looking for entry points since then. Dark web sites ... Read More »

Freedom Hosting Owner Loses Yet Another Appeal

The alleged owner of Freedom Hosting, Eric Eoin Marques, lost his appeal aimed at throwing a wrench in his extradition to the United States where he faces numerous “child pornography” charges. The Gardaí arrested the Dublin man in 2014 after the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation formally requested his arrest and extradition to the U.S. Since his arrest, Marques ... Read More »

Freedom Hosting Admin Still Losing Extradition Battle

Eric Eoin Marques, the alleged owner and operator of the defunct hidden service host “Freedom Hosting,” recently launched a judicial review in an attempt to end the impending extradition to the United States. Ireland arrested the 32-year-old in 2013 after receiving a provisional extradition request from the US. Since the arrest, Marques appealed the case several times, but employed a ... Read More »

Belarus Hosting Multi-Agency Darknet Training Event

As the criminal activity on the darknet becomes less of an exception and more of the norm, law enforcement learns to adapt to the modern age of crime. An example of this is an event at the International Training Center of the Police Academy between May 15 and 19 in Belarus. There, regional authorities and international experts will learn about ... Read More »

Blocktix : Decentralized Network for Event Hosting & Ticketing Using Ethereum’s Blockchain

Blocktix is a novel, decentralized platform for ticket distribution and event hosting. The platform operates via Ethereum’s smart contracts, which enable verification of authentic tickets rendering it almost impossible to counterfeit them. Blocktix is aimed at providing a decentralized network for distribution and sales of tickets. Individuals as well as companies can buy and sell tickets via means of cryptographic ... Read More »

Anonymous Hacks Freedom Hosting II, Bringing Down Almost 20% of Active Darknet Sites

A researcher known as @Deku_shrub, after he found a Reddit post mentioning an oddity, verified that an entity hacked Freedom Hosting II, one of the largest hosting platforms for hidden services. In 2013, the FBI indicted the creator and owner of the original Freedom Hosting, Eric Eoin Marques for hosting child pornography. Marques, a 31-year-old man from Dublin, fought against ... Read More »

Freedom Hosting Owner Files Another Appeal to Fight US Extradition

In December 2015, the High Court in Dublin ordered the extradition of Eric Eoin Marques, the accused-host of Freedom Hosting. The extradition of Marques, a 31-year-old Dublin man who held both Irish and US citizenships, halted pending two appeal cases. He appealed the extradition and that Ireland had no right to try him (and why the Director of Public Prosecutions ... Read More »

Research: Top 10 Cities Hosting Botnets

According to a new report by security firm Symantec, Turkey hosts the most botnets by population in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). The most populous cities in the country are Istanbul and the Turkish capital Ankara, containing the highest and second highest botnet controlled devices in the region. Italy and Hungary follow Turkey, taking the second and third ... Read More »

Most Child Porn Are Found On Image Hosting Services

According to a new report from the United Kingdom based Internet Watch Foundation, most of the child pornography material could be found hidden away on image hosting websites, mostly located in the United States. Vocativ made this statement in their article about the Internet Watch Foundation’s work: ”The IWF, a non-profit largely funded by the European Union and online companies, ... Read More »

Cyruserv Hosting Shuts Down

During the past week our list of vendor shops became significantly shorter, due to at least 7 sites going down the previous week for unknown reason, the common thing for them was that they were all hosted in the same place  – Cyruserv (cyruserv.net & cyruservvvklto2l.onion) , a popular Dark Web hosting service that hosted many sites, vendor shops & ... Read More »

Freedom Hosting: High Court grants extradition of Irishman to US

Eric Eoin Marques (30) from Dublin is accused of setting up and administrating Freedom Hosting, a hosting site that allowed numerous websites post videos and images of child porn. He is also accused with the advertisement and distribution of child pornography. Marques is currently planning his appeal to the Irish High Court’s decision of extraditing him to the US government. ... Read More »

DNMAvengers: Hosting DoctorX & New Partnership with Energy Control

DoctorX, Fernando Caudevilla, is a Spanish Family Physician who has been offering a service of information and assessment about drugs in a risk reduction perspective since April 2013. First in Silk Road Forum and then in Silk Road 2.0 Forum, the Hub forums & Evolution market forums, he has answered more than 1,100 different questions covering topics as effects, dosage, ... Read More »

Poseidon Market Doxxed: Hosting Location Revealed

Another marketplace fail – A a new market was launched earlier today – “Poseidon Market”, a quick look at the markets server-status reveals the market hosting company as well as the internal server name (http://poseidonzskufuwb.onion/server-status): Avoid. Thanks to TRD for pointing this one out. Read More »

129 Of the Seized “.Onion” Domains Were at a Single Bulgarian Hosting

Previous posts available at the Silk Road 2 Bust Tag (Operation #Onymous) According to a press release by the Bulgarian National security  agency – (crappy google translate) The investigation in the Bulgarian Internet space have been identified and suspended 129 hidden websites offering multiple services in TOR network, including the distribution of sexual abuse of children, distribution profiles payment platforms, ... Read More »

DarkNetServices: New Vendor Shops Hosting

This is in no way a vouch for this service reliability or security, just a news update about its existence.  A new hosting services for DNM’s and vendor shop that just opened – seems to be running the most loved wordpress Woocommerce platform and hoping they will remove those calls to Google and host them locally!  (You know what i ... Read More »