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India Considering Chinese-Style Internet Censorship

A proposal to censor the internet is dangerously close to being enacted in India. If the new internet censorship proposal is enacted, the government of India will implement a system which would allow the blocking of web sites and online services in a way similar to how the Great Firewall of China functions. Internet freedom and civil liberties organizations and ... Read More »


Research: Forensic analysis of six anonymous internet browsers

Cybercrime has evolved to become a challenging problem during the past few years. Cybercriminals rely on the dark web to sell various hacking and malicious tools on darknet marketplaces including ransomware, DDoS attack tools, Crimeware-as-a-service (CaaS), and others. Users can currently use the Tor browser bundle, with incognito properties, to access the dark web and conduct transactions in darknet marketplaces. ... Read More »

US Department of Justice Bans All Internet Gambling After Reversing Opinion

While online gambling that uses cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, is generally legal in the United States, online gambling done with US Dollars is generally prohibited. The United States Department of Justice recently announced that they have changed the way that they will interpret a 50 year old law called the Federal Wire Act after reconsidering the act. The Department of ... Read More »


Research: Analyzing solutions for bypassing internet censorship

The increased popularity of internet usage has made it possible for any individual with access to a computer to access human knowledge that has been accumulated by hundreds of generations. However, some entities, especially governments, work hard to monitor or even completely block access to certain types of information. To evade these restrictions, various technologies have been innovated to protect ... Read More »

Beijing police speed up cybercrime fight as they crackdown 6600 internet related cases

Following the recent rate of high cybercrime-related cases recorded in China, the Beijing cybercrime department has responded by engaging in a massive crackdown. The Beijing police successfully detained 3,100 cybercrime suspects who were said to have made about $29,000 from their illegal operation. 6,600 internet-related crime crackdowns were recorded in 2018. According to reports, the arrested suspects were in the ... Read More »

The Music Industry is Lobbying for a New Internet Censorship Bill Like SOPA/PIPA

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and the National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) recently issued a joint letter in which they asked Vishal Amim, the Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator (IPEC), to consider the option of site blocking for copyright infringements. IPEC is better known as the IP czar, a government office created by a 2008 act of the United ... Read More »

Europol report on Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment

For a fifth year now, Europol has developed the IOCTA (Internet Organized Crime Threat Assessment). The primary objective of the assessment is the provision of a comprehensive type of overview of the current and anticipated threats in the future, as well as, trends in the crimes being carried out or even conducted online. As the current events demonstrate the ways ... Read More »

Florida Teacher Admits Paying for Child Abuse Content on the Internet

A teacher from Broward county pleaded guilty to a single count of possession of child pornography stemming from his use of a Bulgarian-based child pornography website and several accounts on darkweb forums promoting the sexual abuse of children. The case was led by Homeland Security Investigations and Interpol provided the information that led to the investigation into the high school ... Read More »

Vietnam Legislators Propose Bill to Further Censor the Internet

In Vietnam a so-called “cybersecurity” bill, which is nothing more than a piece of legislation designed to further censor the internet within the country, was made public in June of last year. The legislation in the country’s unicameral legislative body, known as the National Assembly, is expected to be voted on sometime during the summer legislative session later this year. ... Read More »

Internet users will go to darknet In Russia

Since November 1, a law regulating usage of VPN services and anonymizers in Russia is in full force. For Internet users it has become more difficult to get out of any Russian censorship. “Novaya Gazeta” interviewed Artem Kozlyuk in order to find out how the new act works and how users “survive” in harsh circumstances. Kozlyuk is the head of ... Read More »

Several Internet Drug Dealers Busted in Russia

According to reports from Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, authorities arrested three Russian citizens for selling drugs on the internet. The three, believed to have been part of an organized drug trafficking group, allegedly sold illegal substances in exchange for cryptocurrencies. The Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kaluga Oblast investigated three suspects involved in organized drug ... Read More »

India’s National Internet Registry Breach, Data Spotted On Darknet

Over 6,000 businesses in India have been reportedly breached by an unknown cyber criminal. The enterprise arm of IT security firm Quick Heal, Seqrite claimed they spotted over 6,000 sensitive information of organizations including service providers, banks and government put up on the Darknet for sale. According to the information, the nation’s internet registry was also hit by the attack, ... Read More »

Hacker Advertises India National Internet Registry Database

Two security companies, Seqrite’s Cyber Intelligence Labs and seQtree InfoServices noticed an advertisement on a darknet forum for access to a database (a dump, not live access) that belonged to India’s National Internet Registry. The data breach impacted more than 6,000 internet service providers, government entities, and private companies. As of now, it looks as if no damage has come ... Read More »

Spain Censoring the Internet, Cracking Down on Free Speech

The government of Spain has begun to crack down on freedom of speech and expression online. The crackdown stems from a referendum to be voted on in October where the people of Catalonia will determine if they want Catalonia to become an independent republic and separate from Spain. Days after a Spanish court ordered all domains associated with the Catalan ... Read More »

Teenage SMG Buyer Granted Internet Access for Homework

In April this year, a teenager left his school’s property to meet an undercover officer that he had met on the darknet. In a series of messages and events that effectively qualify as entrapment in some countries, the officer convinced the teenager—14 at the time—to purchase a machine gun and 100 rounds of ammunition for $180. After the inevitable arrest, ... Read More »