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Interview with a Professional DDoS Extortionist

– Who are you and what do you do? My name obviously cannot be mentioned for obvious reasons, but I am a male between the ages of 25-35, living in Australia who enjoys extorting ponzi scheme websites in the crypto niche, BTC casinos, ICO’s and any other relevant cryptocurrency generating business that solely relies upon their website being online for ... Read More »


Interview with a Top Alphabay Accounts Phisher

Ok who are you and what do you do? (online persona of course) Hello I am Phishkingz, and I dominate the phishing scene on the darkweb. I will provide a PGP sig. [crayon-5cbb0e6e337c1281614589/] What makes you think you dominate the darkweb? I see SO many phishers with different methods? The volume of accounts I have had since operating on Alphabay ... Read More »


Dark Net Crime In Increase: Interview With Austrian Chief Inspector

There have been numerous dark net-related prosecutions in Europe in the past few months. The first country to wage a war against dark web criminals was Germany, where the government decided to provide more manpower to eliminate all kinds of illegal dark net activity. The Germans started focusing on the dark web shortly after the Münich shooting, which happened on ... Read More »

An interview with Ex-NSA Agent and New Cybersecurity Comic Author

Ex NSA Analyst, Oren Falkowitz left the agency in 2012 and went on to co-found two different start-ups, Sqrrl, and Area 1 Security; both of which analyze and stop cyber threats. His latest venture, Pineapple Sparkle, is a comic book he uses to showcase his thoughts on America’s current state of online security. Falkowitz says that the book is being ... Read More »

Interview: Monero’s fluffypony talks about current developments and the future of cryptocurrency

Anyone currently having a closer look into the world of cryptocurrencies, would have likely stumbled across Monero, a privacy focused cryptocoin that is gaining a lot of traction right now. We travel to Plettenberg Bay, South Africa to have lunch (and of course beer) with fluffypony, one of Monero’s core team members. The topic of our discussion was Monero’s current ... Read More »

One News Channels Interview with a Former Darknet User

Coverage of the Darknet seems to be spreading rapidly lately; as more and more people are turning to it in order to source drugs. Even mainstream media outlets are covering Darknet more frequently. As Operation Hyperion is in full swing, the FBI and other agencies are on board to tackle the online black markets. One such news outlet in Virginia ... Read More »

Interview: Deku_shrub, Author of Pirate dot London

With all the misinformation, rumors, and flat-out lies that pass around the internet with regard to the deep web and dark web, it’s refreshing to talk to someone who actually knows their stuff. I had such an opportunity recently; I interviewed Deku_shrub, author of the blog Pirate dot London. In his words, it’s “a blog about the dark web & ... Read More »

Interview With Minerva Market Admin

Minerva market is one of the newer markets trying to position themselves in this long lasting era controlled by 2 large markets, created around May 2016 & offering multisig transaction, this is a short interview we recently conducted with the market admin who wished to introduce his market: [crayon-5cbb0e6e36047160003731/]   Who are you and what do you do? There is ... Read More »

Interview: Insider Trading Forum Admin

Kickass Forum (kickassugvgoftuk.onion), is a relatively new forum focused at hacking and coding, but also includes a section for insider trading information leaks and is exclusive to leaked information/data (majorly targeting corporates and executives). Users are using there the information for following reasons: Stock Market Trading Forex Trading Commodities Aggressive Business Remodeling ‘Know whats happening before the rest’ Technique And ... Read More »

Interview With Tochka Market Admin

Tochka market, a darknet market with Russian origins has been operating since the beginning of 2015, and was the first market (that wasn’t in Russian)  to offer the “dead drops” option for vendors (location used to secretly pass items between two people, without requiring them to meet), even though its been operating for over a year and offering nice interface ... Read More »

Interview with Oasis Market Admin

Oasis market, one of the newer markets offering a business model that is pretty unique in the DNM scene, considering the amounts of money and risks involved – and operating as a 0% fees market making its only profits from donations (even the vendor bonds are refundable).  We had the chance to conduct a short introduction interview with the admin, ... Read More »

Interview With Sean Penn Lead To Drug Lord El Chapo’s Capture

The Sinaloa Cartel kingpin, Joaquin ”El Chapo” Guzmán, has been captured by the law enforcement authorities after months of hiding, following his unbelievable escape that happened 6 months ago. Before the drug lord’s capture, movie star Sean Penn was making an interview with El Chapo at his hiding place in the mountains. According to a Mexican official, the actor’s encounter ... Read More »

Interview With a Dark Net Market Developer

Couple of days ago, an unusual thread was posted on the Bitcointalk forum by a developer offering Darknet Market source code for sale, while this is something that we encountered before, it is not very common. We took the chance to do a short interview with the seller to learn more about his background, offer and intentions. Who are you?  ... Read More »

Interview With German-Plaza Admin

German-Plaza,  Is a market focused at digital items, we recently conducted an interview with one of the admins. Here it is: Admin proof – [crayon-5cbb0e6e3e097200018803/] Who are you and what is your background concerning the darknet? I’ve been part of the regular clearnet crime scene for about eight years and I entered the darknet about four years ago. Since then, ... Read More »

Interview With Valhalla (Silkkitie) Admin

Silkkitie Market – One of the smaller markets which started as a local market for Finland and later turned international just celebrated two years of operation and was rebranded as “Valhalla“, we have conducted an interview with “Kapteeni”, the market admin, which you can find below. Admin Proof: [crayon-5cbb0e6e3e87c886391782/] Can you tell us how Silkkitie started? Silkkitie was founded due ... Read More »