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Introducing Dark Webb – A Dark Net Technothriller

By Harry Dayle (Author) – Technology has always been a huge part of my life. When I was ten I got my first computer — a Sinclair ZX81 (Timex 1000 in the US). I’ve never been far from a keyboard since, which is handy, because in my day job I am an author. Like many nerds, when I heard about ... Read More »

Introducing: Best VPN Services Chart

We have been listening to the DeepDotWeb community and have seen how popular our article “Is Your VPN Legit or Shit” became, which made us realize that you guys have been in desperate need of some solid advice about VPN’s. For this reason we are introducing DeepDotWeb’s very own section on the Best VPN Service Providers so you can finally ... Read More »

Introducing: DeepDotWeb’s Discussion Forum

After considering this idea for a long time and as an answer to the many requests we received – we have decided to add a discussion forum section to the site (yes, the style will be changed as soon as something nice will be found), with the main goal of providing an independent and free for all platform to be ... Read More »

Introducing Flowcoins: P2P & Anonymous Multisig Escrow System

We are happy to introduce Flowcoins, an interesting new service providing P2P & Multisig Escrow System operating both on the clearnet and in Tor. Which includes some new and innovative features: As The admin told us: flowcoins started as an idea that the internet needed better ways to handle P2P transactions with Bitcoin that weren’t attached to a storefront site.  ... Read More »

Introducing Grams Helix: Bitcoins Cleaner

Helix is the definitive darknet bitcoin cleaner. Grams’ helix doesn’t just clean your bitcoins it gives you brand new ones which have never been to the darknet before. The helix system is more than a bitcoin tumbler, it is privacy and security wrapped in one. How is it different? The Helix process uses a new proprietary technology which has never ... Read More »

Introducing Crypt Design: DarkNet Design Services!

This is one interesting service – while browsing Grams few months ago i saw a banner saying “Design services for the Dark Net” and i also saw that this service was used to design the Grams sub reddit, at the time i was looking for someone to redesign DDW so i contacted this service called Crypt – and as you ... Read More »

“Gramwords” Launched: Google Adwords Of The DeepWeb!

Following our previous post about the new features in Grams Search Engine –  We are happy to release the second part of the announcement, this one is about the vendor side of “Grams Stage 2” and includes an overview of the much anticipated Gramwords advertising system,  the first system ever to offer an Adwords-like functionality for Deep Web Marketplace listings, ... Read More »

Introducing: DeepDotWeb Q&A Beta System

As some of you probably know,  we receive A LOT of emails with simple questions about every aspect of the Deepweb / DNM scene.  As part of our policy to help anyone what we usually do when we receive those emails is simple – either post a link to the place we know that has the answer on  /r/dnm or ... Read More »

Introducing The Grail: The 1776 Equal Trust Multisig System

1776 now supports two unique forms of escrowed commerce: Equal Trust Escrow, and what I’ll call “Noob Escrow.” This guest post was Provided by “Tom” the founder and admin of 1776 market – Published as it is. The chances are quite high that if you’re reading this, you aren’t going to want or need Noob Escrow. Noob Escrow provides the ... Read More »

Introducing Bitrated: Bitcoin Arbitration Marketplace

One of the most needed things in the DarkNetMarket Scene, is without a doubt, more Multisig based services, few days ago we were introduced to some open source and 100% free solution for arbitration services in bitcoin transactions using multisigs, the service is called Bitrated and it can be accessed here: It turned out that we are more or less ... Read More »