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A novel cybercrime network mining system for online crime investigations

Cybercriminals extensively exploit the tools provided by the digital revolution as well as various social networks in order to communicate and engage in illegal activities including drug trafficking, hacking, online fraudulence, blackmailing, money laundering, cyberbullying, online predation, and others. To counteract the increased number of cybercriminal activities, studying and analyzing the content of various online criminal communities are of paramount ... Read More »

Homeland Security Investigations Agent Admits Using Dark Web to Download Child Porn

One of two federal agents caught in their agency’s own investigation into users of a dark web child abuse forum pleaded guilty to two different child pornography charges, according to the recently updated court docket. Richard Nikolai Gratkowski, a former Homeland Security Investigations agent, had been working for Homeland Security Investigations for almost 10 years at the time of his ... Read More »

Justice does not know what to do with bitcoins

Benton County sheriffs mine Bitcoin for dark web investigations

As the conversation on the good and bad of cryptocurrency rages, the sheriff’s office in Benton County is way ahead of the talk. In 2017, their unit dedicated to handling cyber crimes decided to venture into the untamed waters of Bitcoin mining. Their interest in the matter, however, was purely out of need and not for wealth creation. In other ... Read More »

German law enforcement arrested a 19-year-old man suspected of buying drugs from the dark web with the interntion to resell.

Bavarian Justice Minister To Introduce Bill Resulting In More Efficient Investigations Against Darknet Criminals

Bavarian Justice Minister Winfried Bausback (Christian Social Union – CSU) seeks to introduce a bill, which would help German law enforcement authorities to identify and prosecute darknet criminals, who are either ordering or selling drugs that are shipped via the national postal service. In order to combat illegal trafficking on the dark web, Bausback plans to introduce a bill, which ... Read More »

Danish Police Make Headway in Darknet Investigations

According to Kim Aarenstrup, head of the National Police’s Cyber ​​Crime Centre (NC3), Danish police developed tools to prevent darknet drug trade. The tools, she explained in a press release, came in the form of new methods of Bitcoin transaction analysis. The engineers at NC3 used “new skills, methods, and technologies” to “to prove and punish rogue trades with bitcoin.” ... Read More »


More Than 1,000 Investigations Started Against The Customers Of Narcotics Vendor Chemical Love

On April 14, 2016, law enforcement authorities raided the headquarters of the narcotics vendor shop “Chemical Love” arresting five suspects. The bust resulted in investigators seizing massive amounts of drugs. Now, the defendants are standing trial in the courtroom in Landau in der Pfalz, Germany. When German police arrested the five suspects and raided the “narcotics depot”, they found an ... Read More »

Major Tor & Darknet Major Privacy Update, Gov’t Investigations Struggle

The Tor Project, a non-profit organization established to provide increased privacy and anonymity to billions of internet users, is set to roll out major privacy updates in the upcoming months which will obstruct active government and law enforcement investigations. Over the past few years, government and law enforcement agencies including Interpol and the FBI have conducted various investigations to crack ... Read More »

176 Investigations Started In Sweden, Operation Hyperion

176 investigations started against 226 persons in Sweden as part of Operation Incognito, the Scandinavian side of the United States-led Operation Hyperion. Hyperion was a global law enforcement action against dark web criminals (who dealt mostly with narcotics). Authorities already detained and remanded 12 of the suspects in custody from the Northern region. Most of the suspects are located in ... Read More »