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Federal Investigation Agency Arrested a Hacker Involved in Telephone Banking Fraud

With the rising number of cyber-attacks instigated by black hat hackers, the banking system is in jeopardy as oblivious customers are prone to these attacks. Different policing agents are aligning their focus in the fight to bring down the cyber cartels causing the public sleepless nights. Recently, the cybercrime unit belonging to the Federal Investigation Agency in Pakistan apprehended a ... Read More »

The Firearm Vendor Involved in the Munich Shooting Now Stands Trial in the Bavarian State Capital

In 2016, the events that followed the Munich shooting spiraled in several different directions. As soon as authorities announced that the 9mm Glock 17 and ammunition came from a darknet vendor, Germany’s darknet scene changed dramatically. Arrests started picking up. Police raided both suppliers and buyers on a constant basis. Then news spread regarding the 31-year-old darknet firearm vendor—the one ... Read More »

How Lux Got Involved With Child Porn

Matthew David Graham (23), using the pseudonym ”Lux” on his site, was the administrator of one of the biggest child porn rings that had more than 215,000 users at the time. The pedo site was infamous for its brutality; Lux’s website featured hurtcore child porn. Graham in 2014 decided to close down the whole domain. He even posted a farewell ... Read More »