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German DNM Vendor Arrested For Selling Glock to Munich Shooter

In the investigation following the Munich shooting where David Ali Sonboly killed 9 people, German police discovered that the 18-year-old had purchased the weapon from a vendor on the deepweb. Nearly a month after the shooting spree, the Bavarian state police have reportedly caught the person behind the transaction. On July 27th, Holger Muench, head of Germany’s Federal Police, told ... Read More »

Interview With Minerva Market Admin

Minerva market is one of the newer markets trying to position themselves in this long lasting era controlled by 2 large markets, created around May 2016 & offering multisig transaction, this is a short interview we recently conducted with the market admin who wished to introduce his market: [crayon-5c911ec5428d0341042668/]   Who are you and what do you do? There is ... Read More »

US Voter Registration Records For Sale On Dark Net Market

A vendor who goes by the name “DataDirect” is selling the entire US voter registration record on The Real Deal Market (a marketplace on the dark net). The hacker claims he has records for 50 states and he sells them for 0.5 BTC (around $340) per state. The listing’s description goes by: “US voter registration records. Selling the DB on ... Read More »

Dark Net Market Topix2 Admin Sentenced

David Trail (26), the administrator of the dark net drug dealing website Topix2, was sentenced to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work and pay £17,000 compensation at Edinburgh Sheriff Court. He administered the dark web website from his home at Fountain Park, which was used to sell illegal substances to customers. In addition to this, Trail hacked to one ... Read More »

65 Million Tumblr Passwords for Sale on TheRealDeal

In the last few weeks there have been releases of some very high profile database breaches, linkedin, myspace and now tumblr. All of these sites have been hit with hacks, and resulted in massive data breaches, yet these hacks are only now coming to the surface. Tumblr has now confirmed it was hacked in a data breach from 2013, which ... Read More »

Beaver: The Most “Honest” Dark Net Market Ever?

Four students from Carnegie Mellon, and MIT have written a paper entitled, “Beaver: A Decentralized Anonymous Marketplace with Secure Reputation.” The paper has come to many spotlights on cryptocurrencies this week. It tells tales of an advanced marketplace with the ultimate privacy in mind that’s main focus is reputations based on free market associations. They tell about how an anonymous ... Read More »

Marketplace Guide: How to Buy From Tochka Market?

The following tutorial was provided by Tochka market admins to be published on DeepDotWeb (with minor modifications): Gentlemen,please read this guide on how to operate on Tochka. This guide will help you purchase things on Tochka. It’s very important that you have read and understood every step. It’s real easy! :) The Listing for Tochka as well as its official ... Read More »

Dutch Vendors Scoring On Dark Net Market Deals

This post is a bit old and was forgotten in queue – but still relevant: According to the Public Prosecutor, who made this announcement at an international cybercrime consultation in Noordwijk, there are plenty of Dutch vendors on dark net markets, one of the marketplaces, about 10 percent of the deals were made by Dutch sellers. If the statistics are ... Read More »

Timeline: Arrest Of The Darknet Market Vendor ‘Caliconnect’

David Ryan Burchard, a 38 year old man from Merced, California, was recently arrested last Monday and is accused of distributing marijuana and cocaine throughout the United States using several darknet markets including the Silk Road, Agora, Abraxas, and AlphaBay under the moniker “Caliconnect”. Federal authorities estimate that the total worth of every transaction made by Caliconnect is $1.43 million. ... Read More »

Acropolis Market Update, Traditional Escrow Introduced

Acropolis Market was recently down for a period of time to conduct site maintenance, users were notified of this by the following message: [crayon-5c911ec54485f843712220/] It soon came back up and the Acropolis Market administration left users a message notifying them of the changes made. [crayon-5c911ec544871561508265/] The approved vendors list that the Acropolis Market administration references can be found below: [crayon-5c911ec54487e294681441/] ... Read More »

Interview With Tochka Market Admin

Tochka market, a darknet market with Russian origins has been operating since the beginning of 2015, and was the first market (that wasn’t in Russian)  to offer the “dead drops” option for vendors (location used to secretly pass items between two people, without requiring them to meet), even though its been operating for over a year and offering nice interface ... Read More »

Oregon Fentanyl Dark Net Market Vendor Pleads Guilty

Brandon Corde Hubbard (41), an Oregon man, pleaded guilty to the charges of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances resulting in serious bodily injury and death, distribution of a controlled substance resulting in death and money laundering. The fentanyl that Hubbard was selling caused two overdose deaths in Grand Forks. Hubbard signed the plea agreement on Dec 21, 2015, where he ... Read More »

NORML: No Problem To Receive Donations From Dark Net Market Vendors

Recently, Canna-Juice, a dark net market vendor selling liquids to cannabis vaporizers, announced on Reddit that he is going to send a portion of his income to NORML (National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws), a marijuana legalization nonprofit. Surprisingly, the non-profit company seems pretty happy about the drug dealer’s efforts. The original Reddit post of Canna-Juice goes by: “Beginning yesterday ... Read More »

Interview with Oasis Market Admin

Oasis market, one of the newer markets offering a business model that is pretty unique in the DNM scene, considering the amounts of money and risks involved – and operating as a 0% fees market making its only profits from donations (even the vendor bonds are refundable).  We had the chance to conduct a short introduction interview with the admin, ... Read More »