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Research: Business strategies adopted across darknet marketplaces

Over the past few years, many researchers have attempted to explore darknet marketplaces to analyze this novel form of illegal e-commerce. From an economic point of view, a darknet marketplace, or a crypto market, can be defined as a virtual tripartite market comprised of anonymous vendors, merchandise, and customers. In this context, a crypto market represents a good example of ... Read More »

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Research: Exploring the generative mechanisms underlying darknet marketplaces

Darknet marketplaces are considered by some to be the ugly side of the internet that hosts illicit drugs, stolen documents, hacking tools, child pornography, weapons, and more. A recently published paper debates this belief for two main reasons. First, the darknet represents a digital infrastructure that is growing at a steady rate. Some describe the darknet as a weird mixture ... Read More »

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Research: Analyzing trading of hacking related products on darknet marketplaces

The size of the deep web is estimated to be five hundred times that of the surface web. The dark web comprises around 6% of the deep web and involves all forms of illegal activities including illicit drug trading, weapons trafficking, counterfeiting, and trading of malicious and hacking products. Dark web marketplaces, or crypto markets, represent unique forms of platforms ... Read More »


The social order of darknet drug marketplaces

Advanced networking technologies have greatly fueled the growth of online digital markets. To facilitate the trading of illicit drugs, darknet marketplaces, or crypto markets, leverage encryption and anonymization technologies to hide the identity and geographical location of those engaging in drug transactions. A recently published research paper utilizes economic sociology as a basic framework to formulate a better understanding of ... Read More »

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Research: Tor Marketplaces – Economics and PGP based investigative technique

The impact of criminal usage of the internet is growing dramatically with the emergence of the Tor network, where darknet marketplaces are taking the shape of legal online marketplaces, such as Amazon and Ebay. Consequently, even offline crimes can now benefit from this novel modus operandi and the innovative routes to ship illegal products and services, which force law enforcement ... Read More »

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Research: Identification of cyber threats across non-English darknet marketplaces

Proactive Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) technologies are being utilized to alleviate the consequences of cyber attacks via identification of malicious threats springing up in various online hacker communities. Darknet marketplaces, internet relay chats (IRCs), carding shops, and hacker forums represent the most prominent examples of online hacker communities. Darknet marketplaces are unique and pivotal components of these online platforms because ... Read More »

Schwandorfer Arrested for Illegally Buying Weapons and Ammunition on Dark web Marketplaces

In Schwandorf, a locale to the North of Germany and closely attached to the Naab river, an over 50 years-old man faces prosecution for purchasing artillery over the dark web. According to reports by police, the man is alleged to have acquired for himself, illegally though, weapons such as guns and revolvers. Unfortunately, or fortunately, he was found out and ... Read More »

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Research: How ransomware and hacking services are sold on darknet marketplaces

Black hat hackers, and cyber-criminals are far more sagacious than most of us think. They are no longer script kiddies who are showing off their hacking skills to impress their social circles, but highly professional businessmen who are working meticulously hard to benefit from their exploitative attacks. Research studies have been done on how cyber-criminals market their skills and sell ... Read More »


Research: Multi-homing vendors and loyal buyers on darknet marketplaces

The past few years have witnessed increased popularity of darknet marketplaces which orchestrate trading of illicit products on the deep web. The darknet marketplace ecosystem is evolving despite government shutdowns and takedown operations. International law enforcement agencies call for a better understanding of these novel illicit trading platforms. Buyers seem to shift to surviving marketplaces when one marketplace is taken ... Read More »


The rise of Fentanyl in the US and EU darknet marketplaces

Fentanyl is a “Schedule I” drug and one of the widely used synthetic opioids in medicine. In the United States, illegally produced fentanyl, as well as its analogues, New Psychoactive Substances (NPS), which are newly available drugs whose chemical structure is being modified to skirt around law enforcement agents (LEAs). They are used by traffickers to adulterate namely heroin, and ... Read More »

Trends of malware and digital products sales on darknet marketplaces

There is a growing number of research studies examining the operations of various darknet markets, or cryptomarkets, with special emphasis on illicit drug trading, which represents the majority of product lists on most of these darknet marketplaces. A recently published paper analyzed these markets with a focus on trading malware, forged documents, stolen credentials, and “crime-as-a-service” type of products. We ... Read More »


Research: How Entrepreneurs React to Negative Feedback on Darknet Marketplaces?

Reputation represents one of the most pivotal assets of an online entrepreneur in marketplaces, particularly within a setting like that of the Darknet’s anonymous marketplaces. However, what would happen whenever this asset is undermined by a shock, i.e. bad reviews, or negative feedback? A recently published paper studied how entrepreneurs on Darknet’s marketplaces react to negative feedback. We will take ... Read More »

Canadian Government Launches Study into Dark Web Marketplaces

The Canadian Senate legalized the use of Marijuana for recreational activities in June. The age limit was set as either 18 or 19 depending on the Province. The passed bill will see Canadian adults allowed to carry up to 30 grams of cannabis and to grow four plants of the drug. The legalization will however not go into effect until ... Read More »


Research: Using BlockTag to monitor sales on darknet marketplaces

Anonymity networks and various forms of darknets, especially those accessible via Tor, along with cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero, have provided a highly safe and secure ecosystem for trading recreational drugs. Even though this represents a serious challenge when it comes to tracking and monitoring, researchers have proven that these ecosystems are not totally hidden, but rather anonymized or ... Read More »

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A research study – Dark Web Marketplaces for Identity Misrepresentation

Biometric identification is increasingly becoming an indispensable technology in various issues related to the management of travelers, immigrants and refugees crossing the US borders. The biometric identification technology, as well as the processes involved in identity management and human identification represent a target for identity theft, spoofing, tampering, and impersonation. A team of researchers developed an innovative and human-in-the-loop strategy ... Read More »