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Exploratory Data Analysis for Tor Marketplaces – The Drugs’ Case

The world of anonymous marketplaces represents a novel channel for black markets, which offer a wide variety of illegal merchandize. For most marketplaces on the darknet, the overall incidence of sales is still not comparable with the sales incidence of similar physical markets. Nevertheless, given the fact that it reflects an essential trade channel, offering opportunities to new as well ... Read More »

Trust Is Risk – Bitcoin Based Reputation System for Online Decentralized Marketplaces

Online marketplaces can be either centralized or decentralized. Ebay is one of the most popular centralized online marketplaces, while OpenBazaar is by far the most popular decentralized online marketplace. Online marketplaces rely, in a way or another, on creating a reputation system for both sellers and buyers, which is a common denominator between centralized and decentralized marketplaces. In most cases, ... Read More »

New Zealander Convicted of Ordering Ecstasy from Darknet Marketplaces

According to Sunlive, a Tauranga, New Zealand man pleaded guilty to the importation of a Class B drug via a darknet marketplace. A Tauranga District Court judge convicted the 21-year-old based on the confessions he made to police and remanded him until the bail hearing in February. The Tauranga man, founded by his own confession, now faces a maximum sentencing ... Read More »

Malware Targeting US Government Computers Available On Darknet Marketplaces

According to InfoArmor, the notorious government computer malware GovRAT has been tactically upgraded. The Remote Access Trojan packs 11 high profile advancements, notes the feature list. However, researchers are not solely concerned with the updates to the malware. The improved accessibility is a major threat the government organizations in the US. GovRAT v2.0 is openly available for purchase starting at ... Read More »

Report Says: Dark Net Marketplaces To Imitate Organized Crime

Dark Web Markets are getting more similar to traditional organized crime features, the latest reports from the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC) says. According to the institute, drug dealers based in Australia are the most common users of the “system per capita” than any other nationalities. The NDARC’s Drugs Trend Project, which has been monitoring dark net markets ... Read More »

Darkcoin Now Accepted on Minor Dark Net Markets

As cryptocurrency developers fight it out to differentiate themselves from the crowd it is increasingly clear that two approaches are being staked out: coins with a business/corporate angle and coins focused on anonymity. In the latter case there is a long-standing battle between various coins promising various methods of anonymizing transactions. Despite Bitcoin’s reputation for discrete trade it is, in ... Read More »

Personal Experience: Part 5 – Marketplaces

This a post in series of posts describing a personal experience from learning about the DNM’s to becoming a vendor – all the parts of this series will be available to here: ExperienceTag Grandi pointed me towards two different Darknet marketplaces to check out: Agora Marketplace and The Marketplace. Agora is on the TOR network and The Marketplace is on ... Read More »

Cypherpunk and Dark Net Marketplaces

‘Only the most skilled,’ Julian Assange tells us, might escape. Escape from what? For Assange our democratic societies are constantly threatened by the deep state. This names the unchanging shadow state of democratic institutions which takes its most insidious form in the mass surveillance apparatus. He believes strongly democracy, but he thinks we need to be armed to defend it. ... Read More »

*WARNING* Fake And Possibly Toxic Ketamine Hitting The Marketplaces

Update: Followup post with addition test results can be found here An important harm reduction thread was posted yesterday on the hub forums / SR2 forums regarding the analysis of a possibly toxic Ketamine that was found on the marketplace. read the original discussion on the hub forums on this link: http://thehub7dnl5nmcz5.onion/index.php?topic=1180.0;topicseen Silk Road Forums: http://silkroad5v7dywlc.onion/index.php?topic=1916.msg544155#msg544155 This is a quote ... Read More »

Hidden Marketplaces List updates 29.12.13

In addition to our regular updates – We have done some major updates to our list of hidden marketplaces to reflect the latest changes in Deep web marketplaces scene. this is the recap of recent changes: Added a warning regarding the use of one site escrow wallets – due to the recent scams, we think that on sites escrows should ... Read More »

Hidden Marketplaces List Updates: 12-12-13

This is the changelog of the list: – moved sheep to dead markets – moved BMR to dead markets – removed deepbay -updated themarketplace url – Removed “BuyitNow” completley. – Added TorMarket Forum URL – added Three Hares Bazaar – Added Mr. Underground – added FloMarket – added Blue Sky Marketplace – Added Agora marketplace You Can Check out the ... Read More »

List of Hidden Marketplaces ~ Update 13.11.13

Our list of hidden marketplaces was updated today – + Added Tor Market + Added Modern Culture + Updated another Sub Reddit for Silk Road 2.0 + Updated DeepBay with a scam warning + Added RAMP – Russian Anonymous Marketplace URL – Eliminated all mentions of Project Black Flag (url was remove when the scam occurred) You can find the ... Read More »

Darknet Distrust: The Reaction To SR 2.0 In Competing Marketplaces?

Since the October takedown of the first Silk Road, the illicit sector of the Tor network has been scrambling to cope with the recent changes in darknet superpowers.  Like a child blowing on an anthill, the feds seemed to have whipped the community into a fearful frenzy.  Causing even more anxiety is the focused, scorching magnifying glass on a few, ... Read More »