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Norwegian Kidnappers Demand Ransom of $10 Million in Monero

Kidnappers in Norway are holding a woman hostage as they seek a ransom of $9 million Euros, which is approximately $10 million US Dollars, worth of the privacy-centric cryptocurrency Monero (XMR) in exchange for her release. The woman, Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen, is the wife of Tom Hagen, who is one of the wealthiest men in Norway. Mr. Hagen owns the ... Read More »

Mirai Botnet Author Got House Arrest and Fined $8.6 Million

The federal court in Trenton, New Jersey, has sentenced Paras Jha, 22, to six months of house arrest after pleading guilty for violating Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. The court also handed him 2500 hours of community service and five years of parole. According to report, Jha launched a series of DDOS attacks on institutions including Rutgers University in New ... Read More »

The UK seizes more than £2 million of fake dark web medicines

Fake drugs worth millions of dollars were seized during a global crackdown in the United Kingdom. The repression which was carried out by an MHRA (a medicines and healthcare products regulatory agency) took over 1 million doses of medicines that are worth more than £2 million. The seizure of illicit medicines was done during part of an Operation Pangaea investigation, ... Read More »

Britons Loses 2 Million Pounds to Crypto Frauds in Two Months

The United Kingdom has suffered from one of the most common crimes associated with cryptocurrency growth, having lost £2 million to hackers. A project embarked by the United Kingdom police unit called ActionFraud revealed that hackers used deceptive means to lure people into their trap. On April 11, the ActionFraud group issued a warning to the general public about mouth-watery ... Read More »

Nigerian Fraudster Admits Role in 2 Million Dollar Fraud Scheme

In early 2018, a Nigerian fraudster responsible for the theft of millions of dollars from companies in the United States pleaded guilty to fraud and identity theft charges. The fraudster, a 31-year-old named Adeyemi Odufuye, admitted that he worked with others to trick unsuspecting employees to wire millions of dollars to bank accounts under Odufuye’s control. The Nigerian citizen pleaded ... Read More »

“The number of cybercrimes in Russia has increased six fold, reaching $18 million in damage”

Yuri Chaika, the Attorney General of Russia, reported significant increases in cybercrimes in the state during 2017, which number grew six times as much for the last 3 years. At the meeting devoted to cyber counterstrikes Chaika provided the following data: “For the period 2013-2016 the number of cybercrimes increased from 11,000 to 66,000. And in 2017 the growth is ... Read More »

Germany: Dutch Dark Web Drug Dealer Arrested with Drugs worth $3.5 million

Since the Munich shooting took place, German law enforcement has taken an initiative to crackdown on the dark web. They have made the dark web the new center of crime investigations. The law enforcement groups have made multiple arrests of dark web users, both single handedly and in association with other international agencies. In the latest arrest made on November ... Read More »

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Government Contractor Offers Million Dollar Bounty for Tor 0-Days

A cybersecurity company has offered bounties of up to 1 million US dollars for Tor Browser 0-day vulnerabilities. Zerodium’s Tor 0-day bounty program is open until November 30th at 6pm Eastern, or until Zerodium terminates the program after having issued 1 million dollars for Tor 0-days. The company has stated that it plans to sell these zero day exploits to ... Read More »

Former Employee of Healthcare Giant Sells Data of 1 Million Clients on Dark Web

  Former employee of Bupa, the multi-billion dollar healthcare giant with over 84,000 employees, was fired from the company after selling between 500,000 and 1 million medical records on the dark web. Earlier this month, analysts and consultancy firms including DataBreaches discovered that the former employee whose identity remains undisclosed had sold several batches of hundreds of thousands of medical ... Read More »

Personal Data Of 3.7 Million Voters Stolen In Hong Kong

At the end of March, two computers were reported as stolen, which contained the personal data of 3.7 million voters in Hong Kong. The Registration and Electoral Office (REO) confirmed on the evening of March 27 that they lost two computers containing the personal data of all 3.7 million registered voters in the city. The devices were stored in a ... Read More »