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Testing Modern Antivirus Software part 1

This is an introduction to this vast topic in which we will focus on evading AV signature detection attempts to run Metasploit’s windows/shell/reverse_tcp payload under the nose of Kaspersky, Avira, Avast and 58 other (on their VirusTotal edition). Let’s start with information gathering – what AV actually does in order to stop malware. Static countermeasures, aka scan-time analysis Static signature ... Read More »

An Overview of Modern Tor Deanonymization Attacks

Tor was designed to provide a decentralized, censorship resistant network that can offer internet users, websites and various web services anonymity via easy-to-implement means. Nevertheless, since the advent of Tor, some users have failed to maintain their anonymity. Throughout this article, we will discuss Tor’s deanonymization techniques that are available today. We will go through traffic and timing correlation attacks, ... Read More »

How Do Modern Firewalls Work?

Many people think of a firewall as a guard on your network that just works – and in many cases they function without you ever having to explicitly make policies or understand the under-workings. Let’s look at a Microsoft Windows firewall for instance: for the most part these function in the background without you ever having to know the particulars. ... Read More »