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Reconstructing Tor Circuits Using Compartment Adversaries and Monitoring of Cross-border Traffic

The Onion Routing (Tor) protocol represents a well established network routing system that is designed to provide users with low latency communication channels, that cannot be attacked by network level adversaries attempting to identify who is communicating with whom. It is clearly understood how the Tor network behaves whenever an adversary compromises a percentage of the onion routers, and especially ... Read More »

Monitoring Malicious Activities On Darknets – A Research Study

Darknets are comprised of machines and/or servers with unassigned IP addresses, which operate in a passive mode that is characterized by minimal or no communication with public parts of the internet. It is rather unusual for data to be received on such networks; and if this happens, malicious activity is suspected. Data sent in such way could represent an adversary ... Read More »

Botnets for Discovering and Monitoring Terrorism Related Content on the Dark Web

The recent global epidemic of terrorist attacks has revealed how terrorists are not only utilizing the surface web, but also the dark web for building and establishing their networks. To counteract this, Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) need efficient and effective means for detection and monitoring of terrorism related content on the internet, in order to prevent the occurrence of terrorist ... Read More »

Monitoring Of Bitcoin Customs seizures

Looking through the public notice of Customs seizures, there is something rather strange: Scroll to page 565- there is a seizure for a number of gold tokens marked “Bitcoin”. All circumstances seem to support that these coins were most likely novelty coins. Just search Google for “novelty gold bitcoin”, many items come up, supplied mainly from China. In all probability ... Read More »