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Judge Refuses to Suppress Evidence in Dark Web “Murder-for-Hire” Case

An Illinois judge denied a motion to suppress evidence filed by the attorney of a woman suspected of paying a so-called “murder-for-hire” site on the dark web to kill a romantic rival earlier this year. The suspect, according to her attorney, had made statements to the police during an interview after being denied her right to counsel. Video evidence revealed ... Read More »

Murder-for-Hire Suspect Fails a Drug Test for Opioids

The subject of a murder-for-hire investigation in Illinois failed a drug test while free from jail on a $250,000 bail bond. According to the DuPage County prosecutor’s office, the woman tested positive for opioids on a mandatory drug test. The prosecutors filed a motion for the revocation of the defendant’s bail. A DuPage County judge, though, denied the motion and ... Read More »

Fake Hitman Site Used in Alleged Murder-for-Hire Plot

A former GP from Bournemouth allegedly ordered the murder of his pension and wealth advisor through one of the many fake murder-for-hire sites on the darknet, Winchester Crown Court heard at a recent hearing. The retired GP had allegedly used one of the many fake hidden services created by the scammer behind the now-defunct Besa Mafia after his financial advisor ... Read More »

Illinois Woman Nabbed in Dark Web Murder-For-Hire Plot

‘Murder-for-hire’ a phrase so cruel and dangerous yet keeps on popping up all thanks to the dark web. Many people have the idea that the dark web has made illegal activities, ranging from drugs, guns, and trafficking amongst others easier on the dark web. According to the DuPage County prosecutor’s office, an Illinois woman has been accused of using a ... Read More »

Man Charged With Killing Wife, Murder-For-Hire Through Darknet​

Earlier this week, Stephen Carl Allwine from Cottage Grove, Oregon, was arrested and sent back to jail after local police discovered that Allwine attempted to track his 9-year-old son with a GPS installed on a smartwatch. In late January, Allwine was arrested with allegations of murdering his wife. Local law enforcement agencies and police officers tracked Allwine’s activities in the ... Read More »