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Research: How to secure the Tor network against correlation attacks

Traffic flow correlation represents one of the most commonly used techniques in a variety of deanonymization attacks against users of the Tor network. An attacker who can monitor network traffic on both ends of a communication channel can successfully launch an end-to-end correlation attack. These attacks rely on using statistical correlation methods to identify if a traffic stream originating from ... Read More »

The costs of different forms of bandwidth DoS attacks against the Tor network

Tor is by far the most popular anonymity communication protocol ever developed, with over eight million daily users. All of these users rely on Tor to obfuscate their connections to the world wide web as well as distributed peers and also to bypass internet censorship by governmental entities that control the internet infrastructure. Tor is used by individuals and businesses ... Read More »

Research: Using the Hidden Markov Model to identify Meek based Tor network traffic

Tor is by far the most widely used internet censorship circumvention solution. The Tor browser relies on a unique obfuscation technology known as “Meek” to promote users’ privacy. Meek obfuscates Tor network traffic so that it seems like ordinary forms of internet traffic. However, hidden Markov models can be used to identify Tor network traffic. A recently published research paper ... Read More »

Security Onion – A network monitoring and analysis machine

Maintaining bulletproof network security has become a challenging task, as hackers are acquiring more skills and developing highly effective malicious tools every day. As such, even with powerful security systems such as antivirus technologies, firewalls, and strong authentication systems, it is still difficult to mitigate all network vulnerabilities. Since a secured network can still be hacked, we need systems that ... Read More »

Research: A novel anonymous proxy P2P based network

Online privacy is becoming the concern of more individuals every day. Even with the presence of anonymity network solutions such as VPNs, proxies, and Tor, researchers are continuously working on developing further solutions that are easier to use and can efficiently bypass internet censorship. A recently published research paper proposes an anonymous proxy P2P network, named Penguin Proxy, that can ... Read More »

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Research: A new look at common attacks against the Tor network protocol

Tor is currently by far the most used anonymous communication protocol. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of users, including journalists, military personnel, hackers, etc, from over 75 countries all over the world who rely on Tor to protect their privacy and remain anonymous while surfing the internet. However, there are many security issues that may risk the privacy and ... Read More »

A novel cybercrime network mining system for online crime investigations

Cybercriminals extensively exploit the tools provided by the digital revolution as well as various social networks in order to communicate and engage in illegal activities including drug trafficking, hacking, online fraudulence, blackmailing, money laundering, cyberbullying, online predation, and others. To counteract the increased number of cybercriminal activities, studying and analyzing the content of various online criminal communities are of paramount ... Read More »

Research: I2P based anonymous network protocol developed via Rust programming language

With more and more people concerned about their online privacy, anonymous network protocols have been advancing at an amazing rate. However, the levels of privacy of data transmission on public networks still represent the weakest link in the chain of information security. Presently, popular network encryption tools, such as VPNs, utilize a single link network framework. Whenever a node fails ... Read More »

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Research: A security solution for the Tor network and cloud based services

Cloud technologies have recently become an indispensable part of IT’s current infrastructure. More and more companies have begun migrating to the cloud, where they can safely save a percentage of or even their whole information archives. There are multiple reasons that can explain why businesses are moving to the cloud; the most important of which is lack of resources needed ... Read More »


Research: Riffle – A novel anonymity network

Riffle is a communication system designed at MIT to address the problems associated with the Tor network. Riffle is a unique anonymity network that implements a verifiable shuffle and is believed to be ten times faster than the Tor network. According to an article published as part of 2016’s Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Anonymity, researchers from MIT and Qatar’s Computing ... Read More »


Research: Using stochastic geometry to analyze network traffic and exclude heterogeneous (malicious) darknet traffic

Throughout the past few years, the explosive advancement of receivers and the rapid surge of data traffic have greatly impacted the current network architecture. According to data presented by the Cisco Complete VNI in 2017, the monthly internet traffic per receiver will rise to around 43 GB by the year 2021. As such, in order to attain optimum network management ... Read More »


Research: Modernizing CollecTor’s ability to collect and archive Tor’s network data

The Tor network protects internet users against censorship, tracking, and surveillance. Tor is composed of thousands of relay nodes, or servers, run by volunteers who are distributed across the globe to enable users to connect privately to internet services. Continuous network evaluation is pivotal in order to react to censorship events, to adapt the Tor browser to dynamic network conditions, ... Read More »

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A new method for detecting malicious traffic over the Tor network

Tor is a unique overlay network that was developed to provide anonymous online communications for TCP based applications. The Tor network is currently serving hundreds of thousands of users, helping them to conceal their identity while surfing the internet. Even though the Tor network is currently mainly used to bypass internet censorship in countries governed by oppressive regimes, the anonymity ... Read More »

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VMWare and virtualization of the Tor network for research purposes

There are currently many approaches to conducting Tor network security research. Direct experiments on the live Tor network, formal modeling, connection simulation, and emulation of the Tor network represent a few examples of these approaches. It should be emphasized that there are multiple ethical issues associated with conducting experiments on the live Tor network. The main challenges include undermining the ... Read More »


Research: Using Network Investigative Techniques (NITs) to Home in on Tor Cybercriminals

Network Investigative Techniques (NITs) are special forms of digital law enforcement tools that enable law enforcement agencies (LEAs) to hack into suspicious computers via the exploitation of vulnerabilities. NITs have aided in the location and identification of cybercriminals operating on various darknets where conventional investigative means proved to be useless. They play a significant role in cybercrime investigations, as well ... Read More »