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Research: Three novel user node selection algorithms for I2P

As internet applications continue to develop at a rapid rate, anonymous technologies play a pivotal role in promoting personal privacy. I2P is one of the most popular anonymous online protocols that provides internet users with high anonymity levels via its advanced communication and encryption algorithms. Nevertheless, I2P does not focus on users’ preferences, which renders it difficult to meet the ... Read More »

Tor exit node (1).PNG

Research: Analyzing the DNS traffic of a high bandwidth Tor exit node – A research study

Internet usage differs markedly from one country to another when accessed websites are considered, especially in countries where censorship is exercised. People all over the world usually use Tor to communicate anonymously over the internet. The institute of networks and security (INS) hosts an exit node, with high bandwidth (200 MBit/s), on the Tor network for research purposes. A recently ... Read More »


Tor Node Operator Freed from Custody

Dmitry Bogatov was arrested on April 6th, in Moscow, charged with “inciting terrorist activities”. The basis of these allegations was that Bogatov had posted a still image from rapper Jay-Z’s “No Church in the Wild” music video. Yes, that’s right. Bogatov was arrested for supposedly posting an American music video. Granted, the still image was one of a gang of ... Read More »

Tutorial – How To Run a Full Ethereum Node On Windows

Ethereum is one of the most important blockchains present today, not only because it represents another cryptocurrency, but also because Ethereum is technically a “world computer” that unifies the processing power of the network’s public nodes. Ethereum’s “world computer”, or the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM), can be used by peers across the network to execute smart contracts. Ethereum’s platform was ... Read More »

Tutorial – How To Start a Full Bitcoin Node On Windows

As the present happenings seem to be taking us to an almost inevitable bitcoin hard fork, it is pivotal now to point out to bitcoin enthusiasts, that running a full node today will have positive influence on the bitcoin ecosystem during the upcoming critical period in the history of bitcoin. As an experienced bitcoiner, I would recommend starting a full ... Read More »

Russian Tor Exit Node Operator Arrested

On April Fools Day, Russian authorities began an investigation into posts made online calling for protests in Moscow on April 2nd. Later that week authorities arrested Dmitry Bogatov, a math teacher at the Moscow Law and Finance University, on suspicion that he violated section 3 of Article 212 of the Russian criminal code. Under that section of Article 212, Bogatov ... Read More »

Tor to Combat Malicious Node Problem

The discovery of over a hundred malicious nodes has prompted the Tor Network to develop a new design which is designed to fight this ongoing problem. Developer Sebastian Hahn assured that code has already been written to address this issue, and that the release date is being determined. The Tor Network has said that the attacks do not unmask the ... Read More »

Veteran Tor Contributor Exits, Takes Critical Node Down

The Tor network is about to lose Tonga, a crucial piece of the onion network that functions as a Bridge Authority, according to announcement on the Tor blog. The announcement was posted by an original Tor contributor known as Lucky Green – who decided the time was right for him to step away from any involvement in the Tor community. ... Read More »

Judge didn’t know couple ran Tor node

A week after Seattle police searched the home of two well-known privacy activists for child porn and found nothing, it is being questioned why the department didn’t include a very important piece of information to obtain the warrant; that the activists operated a Tor node out of their apartment, in order to help internet users all over the world browse ... Read More »

Seattle Police Raid Home Of Privacy Tor Exit Node Operators

On the morning of March 30, the condo of Jan Bultmann and David Robinson, both privacy activists, was raided by the Seattle Police Department (SPD) with a search warrant looking for child pornography materials. The pair was operating exit nodes for the Tor network and this is not the first raid by the law enforcement authorities in the US on ... Read More »