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Onionshop Guide: How To Set Up a Hidden Service?

From the owners of the former Onion shop services – a guide for setting up hidden services: Original post is on the hub: http://thehub7gqe43miyc.onion/index.php?topic=7507.0;topicseen All rights for this guide are reserved to the respective owner, and needless to say that USE AT YOUR OWN RISK – but we believed it might interest a few people so here it is: Howdy! ... Read More »

Onionshop Hacked ~ BTC Stolen (~700$)

A formal announcement was posted on the hub forum by Onionshop admins – A services that offered vendors a simple way of running their own anonymous Bitcoin Webshop in the Tor Network, explaining that the site was taken down due to a recent hack resulted in a loss of around $700 in BTC: (http://thehub7dnl5nmcz5.onion/index.php?topic=5252.msg37668;boardseen#new) Fellow Onionshop Community, About 2 days ... Read More »