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Club Promoter Sold Pounds Of Drugs At Events He Had Organized

According to U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama Jay E. Town, a 40-year-old Atlanta man received a prison sentence of more than a decade for ecstasy and MDMA distribution. In April 2017, the suspect pleaded guilty to three charges. On September 20, U.S. District Court Judge Madeline Haikala sentenced him to 10 ½ years in prison and added ... Read More »

Australian Authorities: Rise In Organized Crime Is Due To The Increased Popularity Of Cryptocurrencies

Australia’s financial sector has experienced a major increase in organized crime. The country’s criminal intelligence agency reported that this rise is due to the growth of online banking systems and increased popularity of cryptocurrencies. Recently, the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) published a report, in which the agency stated that the expected damage of the money laundering and further financial ... Read More »

German Politician Seeks More State Control Over Organized Crime

A CDU (Christian Democratic Union) politician seeks to introduce more state control to decrease the growth and eliminate the criminal economy in Germany. On May 16, Arndt Sinn, professor of International Criminal Law at the University of Osnabrück, presented his newly released study called the “Economic Power of Organized Crime”. According to the report, the illegal trade causes serious damage ... Read More »

Study Suggests “Organized Crime” Evolved With Cybercrime

A recent study pointed out that WannaCry marked a moment of “globalization” of crime. Thomas Franke, head of Germany’s Forum for Networked Security, called organized crime “[t]he biggest business in the world.” The classic examples of organized crime—gangs, for instance—crossed borders far before the world of hidden services existed. But, he explained that the very idea or definition of organized ... Read More »

Europol: The Dark Web Is The Heaven For Organized Criminals In The EU

According to Europol director Rob Wainwright, the internet, and especially the darknet, is the “new field of action” of organized criminals in the European Union. The Europol director emphasized that the internet is used by criminals to illicit activities and trafficking of all kinds: the smuggling of weapons and narcotics, the spread of online child sexual abuse material. This was ... Read More »


Stuttgart To Form Cybercrime Center To Combat Organized Crime On The Internet

Against the increased criminality on the internet, the public prosecutor’s office in Stuttgart, Germany is setting up a central cybercrime department. The department’s main focus will be to prosecute organized criminals on the internet. “This is about organized crime, so the serious cases,” head of the authority, Chief Prosecutor Siegfried Mahler, said on Wednesday in Stuttgart. According to Mahler, organized ... Read More »

BKA Chief: Organized Crime Shifted Actions To The Dark Net

Organized criminal groups in Germany has started to increase their actions on the darknet, BKA (Federal Criminal Police Office – Bundeskriminalamt in German) Chief Holger Münch said at a joint presentation with Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière in Wiesbaden. “Terrorists may get no opportunity to pursue their dangerous ideology,” Münch said. “We must take every opportunity to obtain evidence also ... Read More »

Report Says: Dark Net Marketplaces To Imitate Organized Crime

Dark Web Markets are getting more similar to traditional organized crime features, the latest reports from the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC) says. According to the institute, drug dealers based in Australia are the most common users of the “system per capita” than any other nationalities. The NDARC’s Drugs Trend Project, which has been monitoring dark net markets ... Read More »