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Texas Judge Rejects Plea Deal in Dark Web Child Pornography Case

A Texas judge rejected the plea deal of a federal agent who had been using a dark web child abuse forum to download and access illegal pictures and videos. The agent was caught during a federal investigation into members of the forum. Richard Gratkowski, a 40-year-old Homeland Security Investigations agent living in Texas, had used a child abuse forum accessible ... Read More »

Fentanyl Vendor “Zane61” to Accept Plea Deal, Lawyer Says

The attorney of a father and son accused of selling oxycodone and fentanyl on the darknet announced that both defendants will enter guilty pleas at their upcoming court appearance. As with many opioid dealers targeted over the last few years, both the father and son face mandatory minimum prison sentences of five years for admitting to a controlled substance distribution ... Read More »

Dream Vendor “OxyMonster” to Enter a Guilty Plea in June

Gal Vallerius, the bearded Frenchman known on the darknet as “OxyMonster,” struggled for nearly a year to prevent the prosecution from using his seized laptop as evidence in a drug trafficking case in Florida. If a jury had found him guilty of the conspiracy or money laundering charges in his indictment, he could have spent the rest of his life ... Read More »

Man Who Hacked Women’s Computers to Steal Explicit Photos Signs Sealed Plea Deal

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Alabama, a former Shelby County resident agreed to plead guilty to hacking email and file storage accounts of 50 women. Authorities kept the plea-agreement sealed but still revealed some case details. Roger C. Stanton the FBI Special Agent in Charge, explained that the defendant, Kevin Maldonado, phished the Gmail ... Read More »

Another Operation Pacifier Suspect Pleaded Guilty Again After Withdrawing the First Plea

Years ago, the FBI began investigating darknet child pornography viewers, sharers, and a whole dragnet of unrelated individuals. The legality of the case and more importantly the validity of the evidence the FBI obtained faced scrutiny from both sides of the law. Federal judges ruled both for and against the use of the illegal Network Investigative (NIT) on the defendants ... Read More »

Members of Major Cannabinoid Distribution Ring Sign Guilty Plea Deal

In Jefferson City, Missouri, four co-conspirators pleaded guilty to their roles in a large-scale synthetic cannabinoid trafficking ring. The four individuals, according to the indictment, trafficked $6.6-million of synthetic cannabinoids. In addition to the drug trafficking charges, the defendants also faced money laundering and mail fraud charges. Despite a 14-count indictment packed with incriminating information, the prosecution dropped every drug-related ... Read More »

Plea Agreement Of Former Political Consultant Made Public

The plea agreement of Ryan Chamberlain (44), the former political consultant who admitted the possession of toxins and a handgun after he had realized he had a chance for getting a life sentence biological weapons charge. Federal prosecutors are offering the man 2 and a half year of prison term. Chamberlain has been in custody since his arrest in June ... Read More »

Secret Service agent cops plea on SR1 theft

Take this in for a second, and it sounds even more insane than a particularly bad pulp novel; a serving Secret Service agent (you know, the guys whose job it is to protect the President) establishes a front company with an improbable sounding name, and an investment banking account to help launder ill gotten cash he stole from a criminal. ... Read More »

Silk Road Mod SSBD (Peter Nash) in plea talks

As it was published by Couriermail.com.au: FORMER Queensland prison employee jailed in New York for allegedly being a key member of the Silk Road online criminal marketplace is negotiating a potential plea deal with US prosecutors. PETER Nash, 42, is accused of having been the Silk Road site’s primary moderator and faces a life sentence in a US federal prison ... Read More »

Ross Ulbricht’s mother plea on Facebook and CrowdTilt

This was posted by Ross Mother on hes old Facebook page: As we have previously reported, the family of Ross Ulbricht (The Alleged “Dread Pirate Roberts” Founder of Silk Road) made a press release with a plea to donate for hes legal funds also creating a Crowdit Project. Read our previous news on this subject including the Press Release – ... Read More »