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UK’s Investigatory Powers Act Ruled Unlawful by Court

A United Kingdom law known as the Investigatory Powers Act, which authorizes mass surveillance, was recently ruled to be unlawful by the Court of Appeals in London. The Investigatory Powers Act is popularly known as the Snoopers Charter. The ruling from the three judge panel strikes down much of the Snoopers Charter. The challenge to the British mass surveillance law ... Read More »

NSA Ruled Illegal; Presidential Hopefuls Hop on Board

On Thursday a New York federal appeals court ruled the mass collection of phone metadata, granted under Section 215 of The Patriot Act, is illegal. The 97-page brief, available here, outlines the decision of the court. The opinion of the court reads: “This appeal concerns the legality of the bulk telephone metadata collection program (the “telephone metadata program”), under which ... Read More »