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Arizona Woman Defrauded of $28,000 in Darknet Scam

A seventy-two-year-old woman from Arizona was deceived by a dark web scam through which she lost a total of $28,000 to criminals. The Tucson woman reports that she met the fraudsters on Facebook where they convinced her into paying them to remove her name from the dark web. The lady said that she was petrified when they informed her that ... Read More »

Valhalla's application architecure.PNG

Valhalla (Scam) cryptomarket analysis and user de-anonymization

Darknet marketplaces are cryptomarkets, where vendors can sell illicit drugs and services to anyone, and anywhere in the world. Darknet marketplaces are hidden services that are accessible via the Tor network. Users of these cryptomarkets usually use PGP to interact with each other and bitcoin as the currency for their various transactions. A recently published thesis performed quantitative analysis of ... Read More »


Authorities Recover $28,000 in a Criminals Dark Web Phishing Scam

TUCSON, AZ – Authorities from Special financial Investigation recovered $28,000 in a criminal dark web phishing scam, funds stolen from a Tucson woman. According to Mark Brnovich, the Attorney General in Arizona, his office committed to the fight against dark web cybercrimes and fraud currently is increasing the work involved. ““My Office organized a team of cybercrime professionals who joined ... Read More »

Two Arrested for Stolen Credit Card Scam in Italy

On September 14, France’s Financial Affairs police arrested two men for illegal possession of financial data. The men, according to Le Progrès, a French regional newspaper, ran a credit card fraud operation in Lyon, France. One man stole card numbers and the second packaged the numbers for distribution on darknet marketplaces and forums. The credit card fraud began in June ... Read More »

Catalonian Authorities Identified A Scam Where Fake And Stolen Smartphones Are Sold On The Internet

Law enforcement authorities in Barcelona, Madrid, Lleida and Tarragona, Spain identified a new type of scam conducted by organized criminals, where the suspects sell smartphones that are assembled with illegally imported counterfeit or stolen parts and are sold on the internet. A researcher skilled in the topic suggested that there are connections to the darknet in the criminal activities. Law ... Read More »

Two US Teens Arrested In Fake Gold Scam

Law enforcement authorities in the US arrested two high school students who are suspected of taking part of a fake gold scam. On March 21, the Bend Police Department detained two suspects, the 17-year-old Robert Yelas Jr. and the 17-year-old Caleb Knight. Both suspects are accused of aggravated first-degree theft by deception, first-degree theft by deception, felony computer crime, felony ... Read More »

Melbourne Man Pleads Guilty To Credit Card Shopping Scam

At the end of 2014, a Melbourne man was arrested in Australia for taking part in a darknet shopping scam involving stolen credit cards. Now, as he was standing trial, he confessed to some of the charges against him. According to the court information, the 36-year-old Tanmoy Islam was an active member of the darknet community. The defendant met “Mr ... Read More »

Interpol Arrests Ringleader of Nigerian Email Scam Organization

The ringleader of a global scamming network was arrested by Interpol for scamming $60 million from companies around the world – through fraudulent emails. The 40-year-old man is being accused of running a criminal network that compromised emails of businesses all throughout the world. The location of this email fraud network? Nigeria. Interpol and Nigeria’s anti-fraud agency picked up a ... Read More »

2 Florida Men Tied To the Sheep Marketplace Hack & Exit Scam

According to Forbes, The U.S. government has seized $4.5 million from two Florida men who allegedly stole 5,400 bitcoins from illegal online drug sales site Sheep Marketplace in late 2013, shortly before the price of bitcoin hit its peak of around $1,200, according to forfeiture documents filed last week in Jacksonville, Florida. The money was forfeited back in the spring of 2014, ... Read More »

East India Company: Another Exit Scam?

Seems like its the season of small exit scams, previously, a market would wait until it reaches a certain size, or accumulated a certain amount of BTC before pulling the plug and diving with everyone’s money, nowadays it seems that it just happens with the first deposit (THUG Market) or once the market manages to generate at least minor amount ... Read More »

Nucleus: Issues & Possible Exit Scam?

#4th Update on Nucleus: Seems to be back up: Nucleus Market. #3rd Update on Nucleus: “We have answered some questions about unaccessible accounts on the Support, but server will stay offline for next 5 – 9 hours due to preparations for relaunch.” #2nd Update on Nucleus: “We are still investigating the problem. Server should be back online yesterday.” Update on ... Read More »

Scam Prevention and Finalizing Early

Scamming has, and always will be, a huge issue for any Dark Net Market user. How do you know you’re going to receive the product that’s described in a listing? There are many trains of thought on this issue and many people have vocalized the simple solution “Don’t Finalize Early! Don’t give them money until you get your product!” which ... Read More »

BlackBank’s Exit Scam Confirmed: ~606BTC Gone.

Not a huge surprise or “breaking news”, but after few weeks of speculations, it seems that Blackbank’s exit scam is now confirmed, as the Funds were finally drained out of official (known) wallet addresses as we can see in wallet explorer: Known Wallet addresses related to BlackBankMarket via Walletexplorer BlackBank “Known” Wallet For everyone who lost money – sorry for your ... Read More »

Evolution Marketplace Exit Scam: Biggest Exist Scam Ever?

Updates will be added to this tag: #Evoscam Estimated Loss: 40,000+ BTC  (Around 12$ Million) Well, after posting yesterday about the withdrawal issues its pretty much confirmed now, the admins of Evolution marketplace, the markets thats being regarded as the biggest market currently have been exit scamming and unless proven otherwise, are now gone with everyone’s funds in what appears ... Read More »