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Two Belarussians Scammed In Personal Bitcoin Exchange

Two Belarussians who conducted a bitcoin exchange personally with a third person were scammed with 397,000 Euros. The two Belarussian citizens agreed to exchange their 500 BTC for 400,000 Euros in a pub named Lario located in Como, Italy. The bar was just in the city center where the two sellers and a third person met on Monday. When they ... Read More »

German TV show gets scammed trying to buy an AK47 on the DarkNet

It was supposed to be a great story about terrorism, uncertainty and the evils of the DarkNet. The title of German TV Show #Beckmann “Fear of terror – how endangered is Germany?” already gave a hint where it was heading. Channel ARD’s production aimed to scare its viewers creating an atmosphere of angst. Security experts proclaimed the amazing conclusion that it’s ... Read More »

Did The #2 Largest Dark Net Market, BlackBank, Exit Scammed?

Update: The exit scam is now confirmed. So, BlackBank market, one of the 3 current leading markets has been down for the past week or so for “security maintenance” (Does implementing a tumbler ring any sheep bells?) The most recent news posted on Blackbanks’ sub Reddit by blackbank_team, one of the market support staffer, seems to indicate that the admin, ... Read More »

Sheep Marketplace Scam: Over 40,000,000$ in the Biggest Darknet Scam Ever!

Tl;DR: Sheep Marketplace disabled withdrawals, but allowed deposits for the past 10 days or so. They have now disabled the forums after deleting posts related to the inability to withdraw and all this just to start moving the bitcoins from the marketplace to another location (BlockChain Link –  Explanation below) * 1/12/13 Update: Sheep Marketpace is now officially Down – ... Read More »