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Counterfeit 50 euro bills should have produced two Emsländer. Symbolfoto: dpa

How the Secret Service Tracked Down Darknet Cash Counterfeiter Billmaker

United States Secret Service agents were recently able to track down and bring down the most notorious domestic counterfeiter of Federal Reserve Notes, commonly referred to as US Dollars. The counterfeiter operated as a vendor on darknet markets under the name Billmaker. The Secret Service accuses 34 year old Daniel Johnson of Oklahoma of being the darknet counterfeit currency vendor ... Read More »

Secret Service Wants Congress to Regulate Anonymous Cryptocurrencies, Coin Mixing, and Mining Pools

The United States House of Representatives’ Committee on Financial Services’ Subcommittee on Terrorism and Illicit Finance recently held a hearing on the Illicit Use of Virtual Currency and the Law Enforcement Response. The only three people to testify at the hearing before the Subcommittee on Terrorism and Illicit Finances were all law enforcement agents who worked for the federal government. ... Read More »

Court Rules FBI Can Keep Phone Hacking Tool Secret from the Public

On December 2nd, 2015 Syed Rizwan Farook committed one of the worst terrorist attacks in the history of California, shooting 14 people and seriously injuring 22 other people. After Farook died in a shootout with law enforcement, the FBI seized Farook’s iPhone 5c. During the investigation into the terrorist attack, the FBI was unable to decrypt Farook’s iPhone. The FBI ... Read More »

Judge Rules FBI Can Keep an iPhone Exploit Secret

In 2015, the Federal Bureau of Investigation purchased an iPhone exploit from an undisclosed vendor for more than one million dollars. The iPhone that needed exploitation had belonged to the San Bernardino shooter who killed 14 people. During the investigation, the FBI claimed that the lock on the iPhone had prevented authorities from accessing the phone. Three news agencies later ... Read More »

Federal Judge Orders FBI Dark Web Sting to be Kept Secret

Magistrate Judge Paige Gossett ordered an FBI dark web sting to be kept confidential despite the evidence necessary to uncover the details of the investigation for a fair and transparent case. Earlier this month, Tyrell Fears, a graduate of Dutch Fork High School, along with two other men were arrested and charged for conspiracy to murder. Officials and investigators from ... Read More »

Court Orders FBI Darknet Sting to be Kept Secret

The details of a case involving an FBI sting on the darknet have been ordered to be kept under seal by federal Magistrate Judge Paige Gossett. The sting allegedly helped bring down a plot to order a mail bomb through the darknet. It is believed to be the first case in the state of South Carolina involving the FBI and ... Read More »

NYU Accidentally Exposed Secret NSA Encryption Cracking Project

A secret super computing project to crack encrypted data that is being run by New York University (NYU), IBM, and the Department of Defense was recently revealed to the public, but not intentionally. The project, known as WindsorGreen, was revealed when the software and hundreds of pages of documents detailing the project were stored on a backup hard drive that ... Read More »

Public Consensus Networks & Secret Management : From Access Control to Ransomware

The advent of bitcoin has introduced the world to a new class of decentralized networks. Referred to as “consensus networks”, such systems, as bitcoin’s and Ethereum’s blockchain, deploy highly distributed volunteer-run networks to implement public rules that are responsible for managing access to various resources. Bitcoin’s network utilizes consensus to apply monetary transaction rules. Nevertheless, more recently consensus based systems ... Read More »

Is the Government’s Secret Internet Killswitch Being Engaged at Protests Across the US?

A Standard Operating Procedure developed by the United States federal government allegedly for the purposes of stopping terrorists from detonating radio-activated bombs, may actual be being used as a cellular phone and internet killswitch at protests across the country. Government Fights to Keep Internet Killswitch Secret On Monday, January 11th, 2016, the US Supreme Court declined to hear a petition ... Read More »

Corrupt Secret Service Agent Has a Frivolous Appeal, Says His Lawyer

Shaun Bridges, the corrupt Secret Service agent involved in the Silk Road case, may be losing his third lawyer as his situation grows bleaker. His current lawyer claims the latest appeal by Bridges is frivolous and wishes to withdraw herself from the case. Bridges was sentenced to serve 6 years in a federal prison in December 2015 after pleading guilty ... Read More »

Corrupt Silk Road Secret Service Agent Arrested – Again

Shaun Bridges (33), the crooked Secret Service agent who stole money while he was supposed to investigate the Silk Road Marketplace, has been arrested again. He was arrested on Jan 28 at his home in Laurel, Maryland. It was just a day before he was supposed to turn himself in to serve the 71 months sentence, which was ruled on ... Read More »

Secret Service agent cops plea on SR1 theft

Take this in for a second, and it sounds even more insane than a particularly bad pulp novel; a serving Secret Service agent (you know, the guys whose job it is to protect the President) establishes a front company with an improbable sounding name, and an investment banking account to help launder ill gotten cash he stole from a criminal. ... Read More »

5 Ways To Send Secret Messages

From time to time every one of us is faced with a situation where we have to tell someone something very important and intimate that no one else should know. In our age of total surveillance (remember Prism project?), transferring information without the presence of third parties has become a very difficult task. In this article I summarize all I ... Read More »