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Waverly men to serve a prison sentence for selling pills laced with narcotics

Evan P. Sage, 20, and Cameron J. Lensmeyer, 20, have been sentenced to federal prison for illegal possession and distribution of drugs and possession of a firearm. Lensmeyer earlier pleaded guilty in May to possession of carfentanil and marijuana with intent to distribute. The authorities, therefore, sentenced him to seven years in prison. Sage also pleaded guilty to possession of ... Read More »

Dark Web Drug Dealer, Who’s Drugs Caused the Death of a Star, Has His Sentence Reviewed

The drug dealer, who ultimately caused the death of a reality star after he supplied her with illegal drugs before she fell from a window, will have his fully suspended sentence reviewed following public outrage. The 27-year-old reality star, Aimee Spencer, who participated in the Newcastle reality show, fell from a first-floor window on July 11, 2016, at Chichester Terrace, ... Read More »

Hacker gets a 14-year prison sentence for creating Scan4You

A 37-year-old man has been given a 14-year prison sentence for developing and running a scam service called Scan4You, which aids in malware attacks and other cybercrimes. The culprit, Ruslan Bondars, a Latvian citizen, was found guilty of one count of conspiracy to violate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud in ... Read More »

Prosecutor Decides Not to Appeal a Drug Dealer’s “Unduly Lenient” Sentence

In late September, an ecstasy dealer in Jersey narrowly avoided incarceration at a sentencing hearing and was instead sentenced to community service. The Attorney General, after hearing that the dealer’s sentence included no time in prison, announced that the prosecution planned to appeal the sentence, claiming that it was “unduly lenient.” In October, the Attorney General has reversed his decision, ... Read More »

Ex-Cop Loses Appeal Against Prison Sentence for a Failed Darkweb Gun Deal

In early October, judges at the Court of Appeal in Northern Ireland rejected an appeal from a former police officer who was caught attempting to purchase a firearm from a darkweb vendor and possessing several illegal substances. The police officer, in late 2016, pleaded guilty to a number of crimes connected to the attempted firearm transaction and minor drug distribution. ... Read More »

Dark web heroin supplier handed lengthy prison sentence

A 30-year-old New Jersey native has been handed 170-months prison sentence, for his role in a heroin trafficking network across Fairfield County. David Monserrat Torres, on September 20 was given the sentence, coupled with five years’ of additional supervised release, by U.S. District Judge Victor A. Bolden. The culprit is alleged to be the head of a heroin trafficking network, ... Read More »

Jersey Prosecutor Considers Fighting a Dealer’s Probation Sentence

Roughly one week after a court in Jersey sentenced an ecstasy dealer to almost 400 hours of community service, the Law Officers’ Department announced that they have considered appealing the sentence in an effort to impose a prison sentence of two years. The sentence was controversially handed down without the unanimous agreement of other court officials and without consideration of ... Read More »

Victoria College Students Dark Web Drug Sentence Could be challenged

Attorney General Robert MacRae is preparing appealing documents against the sentence imposed on a former Victoria College student. This case drew the attention of the Attorney General after a public outcry. Joel Lewis was sentenced by a Royal Court to 384 hours of community service instead of detention after being convicted of importing dark web drugs. The Crown had advised ... Read More »

Bitcoin Fraudster gets a Suspended Sentence

Aaron Brown, 23, a Liverpool resident was handed 18 weeks suspended sentence by Judge Ian Conrad, QC of the Liverpool Crown Court. Brown was given the sentence after he successfully defrauded two London bitcoin investors. According to Prosecutor Derek Jones, Brown made attempts of Supplying something he did not have. Brown was finally arrested and charged after having managed to ... Read More »

New-Zealander Receives Sentence for Second Time with Quiet Court Room

The District Court in Christchurch, New Zealand has ordered a sentence for the second time to 33-year-old Teariki Adrian Kura. His punishment of four years and five months will now be served officially as all charges have been applied to the sentence. He has been sitting in jail for over two years awaiting this verdict for ordering 28 grams of ... Read More »