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Hydra market denies police seizure of its servers

On December 11 the following breaking news hit the Russian darknet community: “German law enforcements spotted the largest darknet market connected with drug trafficking in countries of former Commonwealth of Independent States. It was a result of well-coordinated operation carried out by the Administration C* and German police. Special forces act promptly and at the moment analyze information stored on ... Read More »

Anti-DDoS ways for VPS and Dedicated Servers

DDos (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks have become a major threat to current computer networks. If your website goes down due to an overload of website traffic, you’re probably a victim of the notorious distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. DDoS attacks have become a nightmare for companies with an active online presence. From BBC to Twitter and from Donald ... Read More »

Russian Dark Web Marketplace Selling RDP Servers for as little as $15

Flashpoint, a research security firm has uncovered that hackers have compromised over 35,000 remote desktop protocols (RDP), and are using them as a way of anonymizing cyber-attacks including direct access to victim’s network. In an analysis published on the 24th of October, Flashpoint stated that over 35,000 servers that host remote desktops for various companies have been compromised by a ... Read More »

Interpol Operation Identities 9,000 C2 Servers

Interpol, along with several private sector companies, announced the identification of 9,000 command and control (C2) servers. In addition to the C2 Servers, they also found close to 360 websites infected with malware via an exploit in the website design application. Many of the websites, they announced, were government sites. Interpol operated out of the Interpol Global Complex for Innovation ... Read More »

FBI Warns That Hackers Target Open FTP Servers

In a Private Industry Notification, the Federal Bureau of Investigation revealed they knew of threat actors who targeted specific healthcare facilities. The FBI explained that these “hackers” hunted open FTP connections from medical and dental practices across the United States. From there, the intruders stole sensitive medical information and use it for extortion, identity theft, or simply a darknet marketplace ... Read More »

Dutch Authorities Seize Two VPN Servers Without Notice

Without notice, Dutch authorities seized two (Virtual Private Network) VPN servers belonging to Perfect Privacy. Perfect Privacy, a VPN provider in Switzerland, was not contacted by law enforcement before their servers went down. Instead, law enforcement went directly to the hosting company I3D. VPNs often become a part of an investigation when police investigate online crime. Although the crime being ... Read More »

70,000 Government And Corporate Servers For Sale For As Cheap As $6 On Hacker Marketplace

Researchers recently discovered a trading platform for hackers, which is currently booming, the marketplace sells more than 70,000 hacked government and corporate servers, some of them goes by the sum as little as $6. According to a report published by researchers from the antivirus service provider Kaspersky Lab, at the end of last month, the xDedic trading platform listed 70,624 ... Read More »

The FBI Says How It ‘Legally’ Found Silk Road’s Server’s IP

How do you spell  “Parallel construction”? Read the wired article at this url to get the answer: http://www.wired.com/2014/09/the-fbi-finally-says-how-it-legally-pinpointed-silk-roads-server/ Quote: As the trial of alleged Silk Road drug market creator Ross Ulbricht approaches, the defense has highlighted the mystery of how law enforcement first located the main Silk Road server in an Icelandic data center, despite the computer being hidden by ... Read More »