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Accused Shiny Flakes Customer: “Everyone Could Use My Address”

  In June 2017, a 26-year-old from Gilching went to court on ecstasy charges. His name appeared on of Shiny Flakes “meticulous” lists. But because the prosecution could not prove that someone else had placed the orders and used the defendant’s address, the judge ordered that the case be dropped. Not even a week later, a 31-year-old from Nördlingen faced ... Read More »

Past Customer Of Shiny Flakes Sentenced To Probation

The District Court of Schwabach sentenced a German man to probation and to pay a fine for ordering narcotics from the already convicted vendor Shiny Flakes. Shiny Flakes, AKA. Maximilian S., was arrested at the end of February 2015 for running a vendor shop selling drugs on both the darknet and on the clearnet (the “normal” part of the internet ... Read More »


Convicted Narcotic Vendor Shiny Flakes Testifies In Fellow Vendor Chemical Love’s Case

Recently, Maximilian S., AKA. “Shiny Flakes”, testified in the case of the “Chemical Love” vendor group. According to court documents, on April 10, the 22-year-old Maximilian S., who was convicted for running the Shiny Flakes vendor shop on the dark web selling narcotics, testified at the Landau District Court in Germany in the case of the Chemical Love vendor group. ... Read More »

Former Customer Of The Narcotics Vendor Shiny Flakes Ordered To Pay Fine

A suspect from Geretsried, Germany, who is believed to be a former customer of the darknet drug vendor Shiny Flakes, was sentenced to pay a fine for ordering narcotics from the dark side of the internet. According to the German news outlet merkur.de, the criminal investigation department frequently succeeds in tracking down darknet vendors and buyers who hide behind the ... Read More »

Judge Closed the Case Against a Friend of Shiny Flakes, Fined Him 1350 Euros

In 2015, the German Federal Police arrested a notorious vendor—both darknet and clearnet. The vendor, Maximilian S., operated under the name “Shiny Flakes.” After a long and surprising trial period, the Leipzig District Court sentenced the 20-year-old to seven years in prison. German police raided 38 homes following the Shiny Flakes bust and seized massive amounts of illegal substances. A ... Read More »

Shiny Flakes Sentenced To 7 Years

On Monday, Maximilian S. AKA Shiny Flakes, the 20 years old dark web dealer, has been sentenced for 7 years of youth sentence in prison for illegally trafficking drugs in large quantities by the Leipzig District Court. Norbert Göbel, the judge of the case has said that the act Maximilian S. was doing was highly criminal activity and has involved ... Read More »

New Information Regarding The Shiny Flakes Bust

In March 2015, Shiny Flakes, a huge deepweb vendor, who also had its own website on both the darknet and clearnet, has been busted by the German police. The police have found 320 KGs of drugs, including huge amounts of MDMA, speed, cocaine, LSD, hash and 49,000 Euro cash, precision scales and vacuum devices in the room of a Leipzig ... Read More »

Shiny Flakes Bust: 38 Houses Raided

Update on the Shiny Flakes bust that we reported about yesterday – The finanznachrichten.de reports that following the arrest another 38 search warrants were executed in many locations across Germany including Berlin, North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern according to Leipzig police chief Bernd Merbitz who stated the above at a press conference showing the seized drugs: According to the police, ... Read More »

Vendor Bust: Shiny Flakes With 320kg Of Drugs

Update 12.3.15: Shiny Flakes Bust: 38 Houses Raided The Known German vendor known as “Shiny flakes” was arrested in one of the biggest discoveries in the Leipziger criminal history. On February 27 , 2015, police investigators arrested the alleged owner, a young Leipzig resident, who lives with his mother. The 20-year old man was apparently hoarding an astonishing amount of ... Read More »