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Liquid Sidechains and the Price of Bitcoin

Blockstream, a bitcoin startup with a team comprising of renowned architects of Bitcoin, cryptographers, and cypherpunk heavyweights, announced a product code named Liquid, set for release in Q1 2016. Liquid, a commercial sidechain, builds upon proposals set out in the original sidechains white paper. “Liquid offers instant transactions, providing a fast settlement layer for bitcoin exchanges, brokerages and other industry ... Read More »

In-Depth Look Into Sidechains

Following the proposal for having Bitcoin Sidechains that was discussed earlier in 2014 Adam Back, Matt Corallo, Luke Dashjr, Mark Friedenbach, Gregory Maxwell, Andrew Miller, Andrew Poelstra, Jorge Timón, and Pieter Wuille released the first white paper on sidechains titled ‘Enabling Blockchain Innovations with Pegged Sidechains’ A detailed 22 page whitepaper which discuses design rationale, the applications of sidechains, drawbacks ... Read More »

Introduction To Sidechains and Blockchain 2.0

Sidechains is a new concept that could help push Bitcoin forward and expand its functionalities. Firstly we’d like to address what is the Blockchain? A blockchain is a transaction database which is shared by all nodes in the Bitcoin system.All transactions since the creation of Bitcoin are documented on the Blockchain. Sidechains are built on top of the original Blockchain ... Read More »