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Research: Analyzing the use of messaging and social media apps to trade and access drugs

Drug suppliers have been increasingly using modern technologies to boost profits and minimize risk during the past few years. Even though a large number of research studies have examined drug sales via surface internet pharmacies as well as darknet marketplaces, no research studies have delved into the role of smartphone messaging applications and social media in the modern drug economy. ... Read More »


The social order of darknet drug marketplaces

Advanced networking technologies have greatly fueled the growth of online digital markets. To facilitate the trading of illicit drugs, darknet marketplaces, or crypto markets, leverage encryption and anonymization technologies to hide the identity and geographical location of those engaging in drug transactions. A recently published research paper utilizes economic sociology as a basic framework to formulate a better understanding of ... Read More »

Shutting down social engineering attempts on you!

In my last article I talked about how you can use social engineering for your benefit. But the reverse is true too, someone can use social engineering on you, to their benefit, with you in the dark. In fact, odds are good that at one point someone has attempted to use social engineering techniques on you. In bad situations, this ... Read More »

What is Social Engineering?

Social Engineering is a scam artist’s best trick. It’s pretty much as it sounds, you engineer society in order to do things you shouldn’t. A few common examples would be wearing a safety vest and hardhat to sneak onto construction sites for urban exploration, wearing a lanyard and carrying a clipboard to get backstage of a concert without being asked ... Read More »

Princeton & Stanford Research Shows Anonymous Browsing Histories Linked to Social Media

Princeton University’s assistant professor of computer science Arvind Narayanan in collaboration with three Stanford University researchers released a study entitled “De-anonymizing Web Browsing Data with Social Networks,” to demonstrate how anonymous browsing histories are linked to social media platforms such as Facebook, Reddit and Twitter to supplement various operations such as targeted advertising. Through simulation and experiments based on actual ... Read More »

Boston Police Department Ends Plan To Monitor the Darknet and Social Media

On January 13th, 2017, the Boston, Massachusetts Police Department announced that it was not going to go forward with their plan to spend up to $1.4 million to acquire software to monitor social media, the darknet, and the deep web for criminal activity and threats to public safety. In a statement posted on the Boston Police Department’s web site, Boston ... Read More »

Famously Anonymous: Tor Social Networks

Humans are social creatures. So it should come as no surprise that there are almost as many social networks on Tor as there are on the clearnet. Of course, it depends on what you consider a “social network,” but there are both Facebook-like networks (where you add friends, join groups, etc.), as well as numerous forums (like The HUB, or ... Read More »

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Are Cryptocurrency Social Tipbots Dead?

Cryptocurrency tipbots are apps that enable users on various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, to send microtransactions or “tips” to other users. Although a year or so ago there were many cryptocurrency tipbots that enabled users to send tens of coins to anyone on the globe, many of those tipbots have stopped providing their services for ... Read More »

Social Networking & The Blockchain Technology – A Brand New Era

The blockchain technology has not only revolutionized the global financial system, but it has also introduced a new concept of decentralization that is just beginning to change the world around us. When it comes to social networking, blockchains can forge innovative solutions that omit the control and censorship imposed by centralized business corporations such as Facebook, Twitter…etc. How Can The ... Read More »

China Plans to Adopt Blockchain for Social Security Funds

China’s social security system will be adopting the blockchain for fund management, ChinaDaily writes. While countries around the world are in disagreement regarding digital currency and the blockchain, China takes a different approach. Some countries are recognizing Bitcoin as valid currency. Some are not. Meanwhile, China is embracing the blockchain head on. According to Wang Zhongmin, vice-chairman of the National ... Read More »

Tor Releases a ‘Social Contract’ : Never to Intentionally Harm Users

In an effort to further repair some of the tarnished reputation they have managed to garner, The Tor Project released a ‘social contract’ promising never to harm users. Tor has admittedly had a rough start in 2016. Between managing the bad media attention during the Appelbaum scandal and several security threats, they’ve seemingly been doing everything possible to repair the ... Read More »

Darknet Nation: DarkNetMarket Social Network

Update: This site was taken down. So recently we came across a new service that was published on the Hub forums, the concept based on seemed interesting so we contacted the admin to ask him some questions in order to make a nice introduction post about this new Darknet community / social network. it is called Darknet Nation, and can ... Read More »


Social Media Experiment by Jack Vale

This is creepy, if you are the one getting pranked. Just by tapping to social media platforms, people whom you never knew existed can get access to your personal information. A good advice is to tweak your privacy settings to ensure that information you want to keep between you and your social circle is restricted. Read More »


Social Media

  Funny and perhaps quite true. Dogs leave a scent of their individuality to mark their presence, and that’s pretty much what we do on social media platforms, no? We show that a particular post, picture or video has gotten our stamp of approval. And then, we make it known by leaving our ‘LIKES’. Read More »