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The EU to Hire Hackers and Ex-Drug Users to Stop Darknet Drug Trafficking

Alexis Goosdeel, chief of The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), announced a new approach to fighting darknet drug sales. On January 4, Goosdeel spoke to the Belgian newspaper Le Soir about a newly drafted strategy aimed solely at the buying and selling of darknet-traced drugs. And according to Le Soir, the strategy, while not due for ... Read More »

Tor has joined the fight to stop the Upcoming Changes to Rule 41

Tor has joined the fight to stop the U.S. government’s changes to Rule 41. They are urging people to speak up, and fight the changes to Rule 41 which will take effect December 1st if no one does anything to stop it. To date, no one has done anything to fight it. Congress hasn’t even batted an eye towards the changes. The changes ... Read More »

Senate Denies the Chance to Stop the Changes to Rule 41

Yesterday Senator Ron Wyden asked the Senate to approve his Stopping Mass Hacking Act. The Act would temporarily block the expansion of the government’s hacking authority. Members of the Senate objected to the Senator’s motion. If passed, the amendments to Rule 41 would allow the government to hack numerous computers all over the world, with a single warrant. CCIA President ... Read More »

Senate Bill Asks For Ways to Stop Bad People From Using Tor

A new bill going through Congress wants to stop “bad people from using Tor. It not only provides a safe haven for online activists and whistle-blowers for people in oppressed countries, but also for criminals, drug users, and pedophiles. The people behind the Tor project aren’t known for taking too kindly to oppressive, intrusive, surveillance minded governments. To go even ... Read More »

UN Trying To Find Methods To Stop The Dark Web Drug Trade

The UNODC (the United Nation’s Office on Drugs and Crime) published its annual report on Thursday where they have mentioned some new methods and technologies to cope with the drug trade on the dark net. The report says: “Law enforcement and the criminal justice system in many countries are still not in a position to deal effectively with the anonymous ... Read More »

Amendments to Rule 41 and What Is Happening to Stop Them

If something isn’t done by December 1st, the proposed changes to Rule 41 would allow the government to only need a single warrant to search millions of computers at one time. With the majority of these numbers being victim’s computers, not the computers of the cyber criminals themselves. The proposed changes have come about in light of several judges deeming ... Read More »

US Bill Proposal To Stop Backdoors In Encryption

Introduced by Rep. Ted Leiu (D-CA) and cosponsored by Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-TX), Rep. Suzan Delbene (D-WA), Rep. Rob Bishop (R-MI) and Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA), the ENCRYPT Act of 2016, short for “Ensuring National Constitutional Rights for Your Private Telecommunications Act of 2016”, aims “to preempt State data security vulnerability mandates and decryption requirements.” The bill itself is very ... Read More »

UN To Call On Governments All Around The World To Stop War On Drugs

According to businessman Richard Branson, the United Nations are planning to call on governments of all nations around the world to decriminalize the use and the possession of all kinds of illegal drugs. Branson has made an extraordinary post on his Virgin website stating that he had shown an official report by the UNODC (UN Office on Drugs and Crime). ... Read More »


I recently saw a post on /r/darknetmarkets that confounded and frustrated me. /u/national_and_interna asked: I am not saying I have done this, but hypothetically, if I were to sell drugs on Agora, take my BTC and transfer them to some exchange or website where I could buy Amazon Gift Card Codes with BTC. . Would it be possible for anyone ... Read More »

Agora Market To Stop Listing Lethal Weapons

Agora admins have posted a new message on the market announcing that from now own it will not allow the sale of lethal weapons: Original announcement link on agora: http://agorahooawayyfoe.onion/info/noweapons —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—– Hash: SHA512 Starting from July 15th 2015 Agora will no longer list lethal weapons. Following our mission we wish such objects would be available for purchase, ... Read More »

Urgent PSA: Stop Doxxing Yourself!!

With the recent massive influx of traffic on this site, since Evo went down and even more since Agora is down, there is also a massive influx of people doing all they can to doxx themselves (post their own personal details) along with incriminating information like: What they ordered From which vendor From what market Their name Their address Their ... Read More »

On fire

Stop, Drop, Roll

  When I came across this comment, I stopped to imagine what I would do if I am really on fire. Will I remember these instructions, or will I try to use my bare hands to flap out the fire. I did finally came to a conclusion. If I am ever on fire, I will be pretty much a dead ... Read More »