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Firefox implements Tor Browser’s anti-fingerprinting technology known as letterboxing

Mozilla Firefox has just announced that it is collaborating with The Tor Project to add one of its main security techniques to the Mozilla browser. The security technique, referred to as “letterboxing”, will be featured in the stable version of Firefox 67, which is expected to be released in May. What is letterboxing? Letterboxing is a novel anti-fingerprinting technique that ... Read More »

The Blockchain Technology & Antitrust and Competition Law

The popularization of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies created an urgent need for the development of regulating legislations that are inspired by a thorough understanding of this innovative technology. The autonomous and decentralized nature of the blockchain technology, and the fact that THE existence of a blockchain is totally independent of any control by federal institutions poses enormous challenges to ... Read More »

Utilizing the Blockchain Technology To Combat Global Software Piracy

Since the late 1970s, software piracy has grown into a serious problem negatively affecting software developers and undermining their ability to preserve the copyrights of their digital creations. The past 30 years have witnessed significant advancements in various computing technologies. However, developments and innovations in communications technologies have catalyzed software piracy, via provision of high speed delivery, mobility and portability ... Read More »

Utilizing the Blockchain Technology To Maximize the Security of Certificate Authorities

Throughout the past few years, many studies have experimented implementation of the blockchain technology in various aspects on internet security. A recently published study analyzed the influence of the blockchain technology on the development of services offered by various cybersecurity companies across a myriad of industries and sectors with emphasis on certificate authorities and the context of critical infrastructure. Furthermore, ... Read More »

Can the blockchain technology disrupt the online gaming sector?

Apart from what one might think, the link between online gaming and cryptocurrency, particularly bitcoin, has existed since the early days, when bitcoin was worth no more than $10. I remember in 2012, buying bitcoin via Linden Dollars (L$), which was a virtual currency of an online MMORPG, or a virtual world as described by its creators, known as “Second ... Read More »

The Blockchain Technology Is On the Agenda of the Upcoming G20 Summit

It seems that bitcoin, and the blockchain technology in general, will be one of the priorities on next the Group of Twenty (G20) summit’s agenda, which is expected to be held in Hamburg, Germany next July. Along the communiqué, which outlined the priorities of the upcoming G20 summit, the Presidency of the summit stated that the popularization of digital technologies ... Read More »

The Blockchain Technology, Smart Contracts and Legal Procedures

A significant sum of money is spent every year in various litigation processes. Technically speaking, a significant portion of litigations can be prevented from even emerging provided that contracts, laws and policies are properly objectified. Today, the interpretation of legislations, policies and contracts yields a great deal of confusion and a myriad of ambiguities, which further complicates the process of ... Read More »

Can the Blockchain Technology Revive The Contemporary Art Market?

Contemporary art can create means to investigate the impacts of financial logic across the socio-cultural continuum. Throughout this article, we’ll take a look at how we can utilize the blockchain technology to benefit and catalyze the evolution of contemporary art. Contemporary art can be used as a parameter for analyzing finance’s cultural logic due to the fact that it outlines ... Read More »


Maximizing Security of Cloud Storage Providers Using PGP and Bitcoin’s Blockchain Technology

Despite the fact that cloud computing is currently adopted on a wide scale, the security and maintenance of privacy of accounts in various cloud computing environments are still questionable. Securing data in a cloud setting utilizes the same methods employed to secure data on a conventional data centre. Many methods are now used to secure cloud storage accounts including identity ... Read More »

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How Can The Blockchain Technology Take The Security of IoT (Internet of Things) To A Whole New Level?

Since Bitcoin’s first block;”genesis block”, was first mined, the blockchain technology has been undervalued. However, indicators derived from the current market status denote that the future of this innovative technology is quite promising. There are tens of financial uses of the blockchain, yet the most appealing non-financial use of this technology is its application to maximize the security of the ... Read More »

Social Networking & The Blockchain Technology – A Brand New Era

The blockchain technology has not only revolutionized the global financial system, but it has also introduced a new concept of decentralization that is just beginning to change the world around us. When it comes to social networking, blockchains can forge innovative solutions that omit the control and censorship imposed by centralized business corporations such as Facebook, Twitter…etc. How Can The ... Read More »

The Growing Use of Blockchain Technology Outside Bitcoin

Over the past few years it has become relatively apparent that bitcoin is not going away. Though rumors of its death are always greatly exaggerated, for a few years it seemed there was a real chance the whole idea may never catch on. The unshakeable association with illicit activities, wallet thefts, exchange heists and other bad press made bitcoin extremely ... Read More »

Blockchain Technology May Be Borrowed By DARPA To Secure Military Networks

Blockchain, the technology that underlies digital cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, has acquired a different identity. According to Steve Norton’s article “CIO Explainer: What Is Blockchain?” published in the Wall Street Journal, he explains how the technology is emerging as an alternative way for companies to instantaneously make and verify their network transactions. A considerable number of firms are experimenting with ... Read More »

Russian Hackers Set Sights on U.S. Technology Giants

A Dark Net researcher, Ed Alexander says that over 85 major technology companies like Amazon and Apple Pay have been hacked by a Russian based hacking group. The group is suspected of hacking major firms such as American Airlines, PayPal, Uber, Amazon, Apple Pay, AT&T, DropBox, and others. Alexander’s report stated that several Russian servers were used for the “large-scale” ... Read More »

Unbreakable Encryption is One Step Closer to Becoming Usable Technology

The University of Rochester has begun work on what they call a Quantum Enigma Machine. This new machine is said to be responsible for unbreakable encryption. It will also shorten encryption keys, and make data interception much more difficult than it already is. American Mathematician Claude Shannon came up with a binary system that would allow him to transmit messages under three stipulations: the key ... Read More »