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Research: Three novel user node selection algorithms for I2P

As internet applications continue to develop at a rapid rate, anonymous technologies play a pivotal role in promoting personal privacy. I2P is one of the most popular anonymous online protocols that provides internet users with high anonymity levels via its advanced communication and encryption algorithms. Nevertheless, I2P does not focus on users’ preferences, which renders it difficult to meet the ... Read More »


Research: Bitcoin user identification via deep neural networks

Privacy protection and relative anonymity represent the most favorable currency features of bitcoin. Unlike submitting a great deal of personal information in order to open a bank account, one only needs a pseudonym, which is also referred to as a hashed public key or an address, to be able to use bitcoin. Unless intentionally revealed, it is relatively hard to ... Read More »

Valhalla's application architecure.PNG

Valhalla (Scam) cryptomarket analysis and user de-anonymization

Darknet marketplaces are cryptomarkets, where vendors can sell illicit drugs and services to anyone, and anywhere in the world. Darknet marketplaces are hidden services that are accessible via the Tor network. Users of these cryptomarkets usually use PGP to interact with each other and bitcoin as the currency for their various transactions. A recently published thesis performed quantitative analysis of ... Read More »

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Patent – Using dark web analytics to enhance user authentication

Computing systems interconnected via networks, such as the internet, usually require provision of credentials and authentication before access to information and computing services can be granted. For instance, an end user of a computing device, such as a desktop, laptop, mobile device, etc., usually has to provide user credentials to be able to access an online banking service account to ... Read More »

Former Alphabay User Sentenced to Probation

During a trial at the district court in Böblingen, a 27-year-old faced harsh penalties for ordering a significant amount of drugs from the now-defunct Alphabay darknet market. The prosecution accused the Herrenberg man of drug trafficking. He had purchased at least 100 grams of cocaine and 575 grams of marijuana. The defendant readily admitted that he had ordered both marijuana ... Read More »

Facebook’s VPN is Predictably Bad for User Privacy

Users of the Facebook app on Apple’s iPhones may have recently noticed a protect button appear on the app. The protect button on the new Facebook app for iOS asks users to download the Virtual Private Network (VPN) app called Onavo Protect. In 2013, Facebook bought Onavo, a mobile analytics corporation based out of Tel Aviv, Israel, for $200 million. ... Read More »

Monero Fork MoneroV Could Harm User Privacy

A hard fork of the privacy-centric cryptocurrency Monero (XMR) could essentially be a trap to erode the privacy of Monero users. The hard fork of Monero, called MoneroV (XMV), is set to split from the Monero blockchain just a couple of weeks into the month of March. Users of the original Monero will receive the 10 times the balance they ... Read More »

What is a User Activated Soft Fork?

We’re at crosspoint in the Bitcoin journey, where it is up to members of the community to decide what Bitcoin will become and how it will adapt to its growing user base. In the future, we’ll probably look back at this as another page in a long history book and be proud to have been part of this technological revolution. ... Read More »

Yahoo Was Hacked Again: 1 billion user accounts were compromised

Back in September, DeepDotWeb reported Yahoo announced 500 million accounts were compromised by what the company claimed to be a “state-sponsored actor”. Back then all affect users were notified and the problem appeared to be swept under the rug. Now, Yahoo issued a press release in which it states more than 1 billion user accounts were compromised – and sensitive ... Read More »

Porn Site xHamster Hacked, More Than 380,000 User Accounts for Sale

Over 100,000 user accounts on the porn site xHamster are trading and selling on the Darknet right now. Over 380,000 users have been found by the breach notification website LeakBase. The xHamster data base includes usernames, emails, and a score of not so hashed passwords. More than 12 million people use xHamster, and although it’s a free subscription, users are ... Read More »

IRS Demands Entire Coinbase User Database For Tax Purposes

The Internal Revenue Service, a U.S. government agency responsible for tax collection and tax law enforcement, has requested popular bitcoin trading platform and wallet service provider Coinbase to provide personal and sensitive financial data of millions of customers over the past three years for tax filing purposes. Various court filings have been submitted and a formal investigation was initiated by ... Read More »

One News Channels Interview with a Former Darknet User

Coverage of the Darknet seems to be spreading rapidly lately; as more and more people are turning to it in order to source drugs. Even mainstream media outlets are covering Darknet more frequently. As Operation Hyperion is in full swing, the FBI and other agencies are on board to tackle the online black markets. One such news outlet in Virginia ... Read More »

New Documents Reveal the FBI May Have Hacked Every TorMail User Illegally

In 2013, the FBI took down Freedom Hosting and with it, brought down a minimum of 23 child pornography sites. The seizure of child pornography (CP) servers was considered a win by law enforcement and many Tor users. However, recently unsealed documents reveal just how far the FBI stepped outside the law. During the investigation, agents discovered a connection between ... Read More »

Yahoo Secretly Scanning User Emails On Behalf Of US Government

According to a Tuesday Reuters report, Yahoo built a software in 2015 that let them screen their users’ emails for the US government. The tech firm did the scanning without the knowledge of the company’s CSO (Chief Security Officer), two former employees told Reuters anonymously. US Intelligence officials issued a surveillance order secretly conducted by Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, which ... Read More »