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The Trial Of The Swedish Vendor Group Started

In April, Swedish law enforcement authorities raided an apartment in Mariestad and arrested three men and a woman. Four persons were suspected of running a vendor shop on the dark web at the time. According to the Skaraborg District Court, the narcotics vendors made about five million SEK ($540,000) in profits by running their drug dealing operation on the dark ... Read More »

Upper Austria Vendor Group Arrested

Three men were arrested in Vöcklabruck, Austria who are suspected of running a vendor shop on the dark web. A 47-year-old and two 20-year-old men allegedly sold about one kilogram of amphetamines on the dark net. Police information says the trio was in business from September 2015 to November 2016. The vendor group dealt in bulk orders of amphetamines, they ... Read More »

Three Arrested In German Vendor Shop Bust

The Cybercrime Regional Center accused three suspects who are believed to be connected to a German vendor shop selling narcotics on a German language “Dark Net Market Forum.” A 31-year-old and a 54-year-old are charged with the distribution of drugs on the dark web while a 25-year-old is accused of buying illegal substances from the vendor shop for resale. According ... Read More »


Ricin Vendor Found Not Guilty of Darknet Distribution, Seeking Acquittal of Theft Charges

The Uppsala University PhD student who had been accused of multiple crimes, including selling ricin on the darknet, has started an acquittal process. There was only enough evidence to convict the 27-year-old with theft from the university—nothing more. We wrote about the case in early November after the lead prosecutor spoke to the press regarding the case. He believed the ... Read More »

Irish Darknet Vendor Denied a Shorter Sentence at His Appeal Hearing

Neil Mannion and Richard O’Connor were jailed in 2014 for distributing drugs via the Agora and Silk Road marketplaces. Both Irishmen cooperated with the prosecution after their arrest, revealing details about the darknet and bitcoin. For this cooperation, one of the men requested a sentence reduction. The appeal was finally heard in court and subsequently denied. Both Mannion and O’Connor ... Read More »

Agora Vendor Sentenced to Four Years In Prison For MDMA Distribution

Postal workers in Washington intercepted several packages of MDMA and Xanax that led to the arrest of a darknet vendor. That vendor, Tristan Simpson Brennand, was arrested in December 2014, released on bond, and subsequently arrested again. On October 10, Brennand was sentenced to four years in prison for drug distribution. In a letter to the court, Brennand explained that ... Read More »

Darknet Vendor Confessed to Selling Heroin and Fentanyl on Multiple DNMs

DEA agents conducted undercover buys from a darknet vendor between 2015 and 2016. That vendor, after sitting in jail for months, pleaded guilty on October 27. In a Broward County courthouse, Chrissano Leslie aka “owlcity” admitted to selling heroin and fentanyl on the DNMs. He pleaded guilty to all charges of drug-dealing, money-laundering conspiracy, and aggravated identity theft. In addition ... Read More »

Dark Net Vendor In Torhout Arrested

Stijn V., a 25-year-old from Torhout, Belgium, was arrested for allegedly selling chemical drugs on a dark net market. Four of his partners were also busted who are risking lighter prison sentences. According to official court documents, Stijn V. accepted payments in bitcoins. Law enforcement authorities were alerted by his activities when an undercover police officer ordered a parcel from ... Read More »

Another Bust In Germany: Vendor From Ostprignitz-Ruppin Arrested

According to the Brandenburg Police Department’s announcement, authorities arrested a 29-year-old man suspected of running a vendor shop on the dark net. The Prosecutor’s Office in Cottbus said the vendor offered prescription drugs and other substances for his customers. Law enforcement authorities also added the alleged shop ran for about a year and payments were made exclusively in BTC. When ... Read More »

Swedish Chemical Weapon Vendor Is Soon To Be Sentenced After Psych Evaluation

In September, a Swedish trial concluded wherein the defendant was released from custody due to potential mental illness. A 27-year-old Uppsala PhD student was charged with selling ricin on the deepweb. The hearing would continue once the student passed a psychiatric examination. Almost a month later on October 18, the District Court announced that the man was free of any ... Read More »

Darknet Weapon Vendor Who Sold Weapons to the Munich Gunman is Working with Police

The darknet arms dealer who sold firearms to the Munich shooter has given a full confession to federal prosecutors. He testified against himself and is in full cooperation with the Frankfurt Prosecutors Office. In August, the 31-year-old vendor was arrested. The investigation into where David Ali Sonboly purchased his weapon was carried out by 65-person taskforce. 31,000 tips and pieces ... Read More »


German Special Forces Arrest Darknet Amphetamine Vendor

On October 14, 2016, German Special forces prepared for an early morning raid. Law enforcement followed a “drug trail” that led directly to a house in Dinslaken. An initial investigation revealed the house’s resident was a darknet vendor. According to a spokesman from the prosecutor’s office, Special Task Force had been called in based on a potential firearm threat. Investigators ... Read More »

Romania Extradites Deepweb Vendor to Face US Drug Charges

Romania extradited another suspect indicted in the Italian Mafia Brussels (IMB) case: Filip Lucian Simion. According to the DoJ, Simion has been charged with several counts of distribution of controlled substances by means of the Internet. IMB was shut down in May after an international investigation. A total of 10 suspects were arrested in Belgium and surrounding areas. One suspect, ... Read More »


Germany’s Deepweb Crackdown Continues as Another Vendor Gets Arrested

Germany’s Deepweb Crackdown Continues as Another Vendor Gets Arrested In Norderstedt, Germany, another deepweb vendor has been arrested. The arrest took place in late September but details have only recently released. The 25-year-old was under investigation for suspected drug dealing. Specifics regarding how he landed on the police radar have yet to be released. Several branches of law enforcement began ... Read More »