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Facebook’s VPN is Predictably Bad for User Privacy

Users of the Facebook app on Apple’s iPhones may have recently noticed a protect button appear on the app. The protect button on the new Facebook app for iOS asks users to download the Virtual Private Network (VPN) app called Onavo Protect. In 2013, Facebook bought Onavo, a mobile analytics corporation based out of Tel Aviv, Israel, for $200 million. ... Read More »

Hotspot Shield VPN is Leaking Users Data and Location

A security researcher has found that one of the world’s largest Virtual Private Network (VPN) providers is leaking users private information. Hotspot Shield, which has been downloaded over half a billion times and has been in operation for over a decade, has a bug which can reveal what country a user is located in, as well as leak the name ... Read More »

“No Logs” VPN Provider Shared Logs with FBI

Many Virtual Private Network (VPN) providers offer their services while making claims that they do not log traffic, IP addresses, and other user information. Some VPN providers are being honest when they make the claim that they don’t log IP addresses, but others are not being truthful with their customers. In an affidavit released by the Department of Justice, the ... Read More »

Sweden May Introduce VPN Surveillance and More Data Retention Requirements

According to documents obtained by Swedish internet service provider Banhof, the Swedish government appears to be interested in increasing the country’s data retention requirements, and may even be interested in starting surveillance of virtual private networks (VPNs) and other anonymization services. Data retention requirements in Sweden first took effect in 2010. Privacy advocates such as Rick Falkvinge, the founder of ... Read More »

China Instates ID Requirement for Internet Comments Following VPN Ban

Chinese regulators have released new rules which would require identity verification for people in China who make comments on the internet. This new regulation expands on a prior regulation that has been in effect for several years already which requires identity verification in order for people in China to purchase cell phone numbers or to use online chat services such ... Read More »

Hotspot Shield VPN Accused of Selling Customer Data to Advertisers

Hotspot Shield, one of the largest Virtual Private Network (VPN) providers, has been accused of selling their customer’s private information to online advertisers. The Center for Democracy & Technology recently submitted an official complaint to the United States Federal Trade Commission in which they allege that Hotspot Shield is guilty of employing unfair and deceptive trade practices. The organization that ... Read More »

Setting Up Your Own VPN

A VPN is a virtual private network. It is virtual because one creates a virtual tunnel between your computer and a server to exchange data. It is private because it is supposed to require a username and a password to be accessed and it is a network because it links more devices to one or more servers all over different ... Read More »

Internet Privacy Law Causing Increase in VPN Subscribers

We covered and closely followed the so-called “joint resolution” law that stripped American citizens of a previously established Internet privacy rule; The US Senate, at the time, voted to overrule orders from the FCC last year. The bill passed. To the dissatisfaction of many, the House too passed S.J.Res.34. The President signed the bill and internet users, even those who ... Read More »

Turkish Government Permanently Bans Tor and VPN Services

In an effort to prevent people from circumventing internet censorship, the Turkish government blocked access to Tor. According to TurkeyBlocks, the government imposed an immediate 12-hour ban on Tor, VPNs, and social media. The social media and messaging services made their way back online after the 12-hour mark, but the Tor ban remains blocked. TurkeyBlocks monitors internet censorship in real ... Read More »

ChaosVPN: The Hackers’ VPN!

You have to admit it – even the name sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? ChaosVPN is a VPN intended to connect hackers and hackerspaces. The Chaos Computer Club, based in Hamburg, Germany, designed it. I discovered ChaosVPN in a very unusual way. I’m a member of several dark web-related social networks (on the clearnet, that is) and one of the group ... Read More »

Guest Post: VPN Tor vs Proxy Tor

Disclaimer: This is a guest post provided by privatoria.net – VPN service provider. The Internet today is huge. It offers many opportunities but also brings certain dangers. That is why need decent protection when we browse the web. The topic is quite popular and there are many options you can try. You can find much information about VPN, Proxy, TOR ... Read More »

Dutch Authorities Seize Two VPN Servers Without Notice

Without notice, Dutch authorities seized two (Virtual Private Network) VPN servers belonging to Perfect Privacy. Perfect Privacy, a VPN provider in Switzerland, was not contacted by law enforcement before their servers went down. Instead, law enforcement went directly to the hosting company I3D. VPNs often become a part of an investigation when police investigate online crime. Although the crime being ... Read More »

Improving OPSEC with VPN Alternatives

In a world where every activity seems to be monitored by one draconian surveillance state or another, individuals should be taking their privacy very seriously if they wish to have any at all.  Luckily for those who want privacy for one reason or another, we have been granted projects such as TOR and I2P, thanks to dedicated developers who are ... Read More »

Strong VPN Review

STRONG VPN Strong VPN is operated by StrongVPN.com/Reliablehosting.com. The large and popular US-based entity is on a mission to provide a 5-star support with exceptional all fiber network for your servers. Strong VPN network is a redundant multihomed BPG4 system that utilizes Cisco and Foundry Networks routers and switches. They also connect to more than thirty other networks in North ... Read More »

Opera’s New Built-In “VPN”

Opera, a browser that already has an ad-blocking feature, recently added a new feature to their browser – a free VPN with unlimited data usage. It currently has IP addresses in the United States, Canada, and Germany. This addition was well-received and met with praise, but there’s a twist to it. It’s actually an HTTP/S proxy that requires authentication. For ... Read More »