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An artillery shell found in the barn of the 30-year-old.

Dutch Police Not Knowing Where Collector Got World War II Ammunition And Explosives

Law enforcement authorities discovered a large cache, containing kilograms of ammunition and explosives from World War II, at a man’s home in Etten-Leur, the Netherlands. Investigators do not know the source or the method how the suspect acquired the illegal items. It is certain that the number of grenades, including frag, phosphorous (smoke) and other hand grenades, was too much ... Read More »

Attorney in Ireland Links the DNMs to an Ongoing Gang War

In Belfast, a High Court case took a surprising twist when the prosecution made their argument. The Gardaí arrested three men several months ago for attempted purchase of illegal weapons from the darknet. One of the men, Thomas Morgan, received no bail, but his co-defendants saw a completely different situation. Despite his claims that he played no role in the ... Read More »

Belgian Sentenced To Community Service For Ordering Weapons Of War

A 37-year-old man from Herent, Belgium was sentenced to 80 hours of community service for possessing and ordering weapons of war from the dark net. According to court documents, the 37-year-old man had seen the news about the ongoing war in Syria and the possible consequences of it on Belgium. He wanted to protect himself and his family, according to ... Read More »

Former head of France’s drug war implicated in trafficking

The former head of France’s anti-drug agency OCRTIS has been accused of involvement with marijuana traffickers, according to the French newspaper Libération. OCRTIS is charged with directing police and customs. François Thierry is accused of having let tens of tons of cannabis enter France over the past few years. He is also accused of having recruited some of the biggest ... Read More »

The Digital Privacy War Hasn’t Stopped Tor From Wanting To Grow

Tors new executive director Shari Steele wants to change the image of the anonymous browser, and make its hard to use technology more friendly for the user. When she took the job at Tor after 15 years at San Francisco based Electronic Frontier Foundation, Shari had something in common with most Internet users; she had never used the Tor browser ... Read More »

FBI wages war on pedophiles using Tor

The demise of Freedom Hosting in 2013 has a lot of “statistics” showing the most popular Tor Network activity is child abuse. While this has been under debate, with multiple “statistics” showing different from the other, it is highly unlikely that with all the other options and interests inside the network, that child pornography is the highest rated activity in ... Read More »

UN To Call On Governments All Around The World To Stop War On Drugs

According to businessman Richard Branson, the United Nations are planning to call on governments of all nations around the world to decriminalize the use and the possession of all kinds of illegal drugs. Branson has made an extraordinary post on his Virgin website stating that he had shown an official report by the UNODC (UN Office on Drugs and Crime). ... Read More »

The War On Drugs – The Cyber Chapter

Those four words ‘The War On Drugs’ contain so much nonsense its surprising they don’t explode in confusion of clowns and balloons. Drugs have been tied to man’s ascent so intimately that we may as well have a ‘War On Thumbs’ or a ‘War On Large Brains’; indeed the highest order of intellectual development in western and eastern civilization was ... Read More »

Comcast Declares War on Tor?

If you needed another reason to hate Comcast, the most hated company in America, they’ve just given it to you: they’ve declared war on Tor Browser. >>Hide Your Tor Usage From your ISP – Click here For Our Best VPN’s Chart!<<< Reports have surfaced (The first one was via /r/darknetmarkets and another one submitted to us) that Comcast agents have ... Read More »

Bitcoin can Kill the State’s War Machine

“War is the health of the state,” and money is the lifeblood of war. Money is the essential factor to any function of the state. Any government program, job, or any war must be funded by money. So, it is no wonder why the world’s governments were so eager to monopolize the supply of money. If only they had the ... Read More »


A Simple War

If every soldier is capable of taking down at least 2 enemy units the moment they are mobilize into war it would make things so much faster. Don’t get me wrong, war is no funny business. But statistically, it will become a numbers game if it works that way. And China will perhaps be the most powerful country in the ... Read More »

Footage from the pacific war

Rare combat clips from the pacific war , as it was posted on the original site, liveleak: 1.25 – Direct mortar strike or landmine detonation on foot patrol. 2.36 – Dead soldier with massive forehead wound. 2.46 – Distraught Marine. 4.36 – Caught in barbed wire and machine gunned. 7.06 – Intense tracer action during a beach landing. 7.17 – ... Read More »