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19-year-old German Addict Ordered Narcotics From Dark Web

A 19-year-old from Waakirchen, Germany was sentenced to one week in prison and to four drug screenings for ordering narcotics from the dark net. The accused stood before court on January 18. The charges against him included drug trafficking and money laundering. However, the 19-year-old had his own version ready. According to the public prosecutor, the suspect ordered narcotics from ... Read More »

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Open Source Intelligence OSINT and the Dark Web

The dark web, the part of the deep web which is comprised of a number of darknets (e.g. Tor, Freenet, I2P…etc), provides individuals with an anonymous way to connect to the internet and publish information. Although this anonymous atmosphere is used to facilitate communications for legitimate purposes, it is also exploited for transforming information, services and goods for illegal purposes. ... Read More »

A New Concept For Deep Web Crawlers

Content that belongs to various pages of a website can only be enlisted within a search engine’s results page, only if this content has been indexed, or “crawled”, by the search engine’s “web crawlers”, or “web spiders”. A web crawler, or a web spider, is a special script that traverses the internet to index websites’ content. Conventionally, web crawlers can ... Read More »


QuickNet – A Faster, More Efficient Deep Web Network Architecture

QuickNet is a novel deep network architecture that is faster and more efficient than the current “fast” deep web network architectures such as SqueezeNet. QuickNet utilizes fewer parameters when compared to previous network architectures. This has been made possible via implementing a couple of pivotal modifications to the reference “Darknet” network architecture model: a- Using depth-wise separable convolutions. b- Using ... Read More »

Maryland Resident Receives 60-Year Sentence For Releasing Child Porn in Dark Web

Christopher Michael Salisbury, a 38-year-old Maryland resident, received a 60-year prison sentence for abusing young girls from ages 4 to 13. The Maryland US Attorney’s Office revealed that Salisbury proceeded to videotape the sexual harassment of at least two underaged girls and distributed the compilation footage in the dark web. Maryland US Attorney Rod Rosenstein described the actions of Salisbury ... Read More »

Elmshorn Man Arrested For Buying Drugs From Dark Web

A 31-year-old was arrested in Elmshorn, Germany for buying narcotics from the dark web. The Customs Office in Essen intercepted a package containing 500 grams of amphetamines. The parcel belonged to the 31-year-old suspect. The package was delivered to an address in Norderstedt, but law enforcement authorities quickly tracked down the suspect’s location in Elmshorn. On December 30, police raided ... Read More »

FBI Hides Method Used to Catch Pedophile in Dark Web

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has found itself in the midst of a controversial debate in regards to the agency’s recent decision to charge a man alleged for various pedophiliac activities, including the illicit acquisition of child pornography. Initially, the FBI filed a lawsuit against Jay Michaud, a middle school teacher in Vancouver, Washington, for his involvement in darknet ... Read More »

Three Irishmen Jailed For Dark Web Drug Trading, Use of Cash Vital in Crackdown

As previously reported by DeepDotWeb In December, three Irishmen including Richard Sinclair of Coleraine, Stephen Rodgers of Carrickfergus and Kyle Hall of Belfast were charged with several offenses including money laundering, possession of and intent to supply class A drugs and intent to supply and class A drugs. This week, Sinclair and Hall both plead guilty to most of the ... Read More »

How ZeroNet is disrupting the World Wide Web

The coming of the ZeroNet peer to peer network has the ability to restore the privacy most internet users lost via social media networks and other mediums; This is made possible by combining Bitcoin cryptography and the BitTorrent network which users can rely on to hide their IP address while allowing messages and files to be transferred anonymously. What is ... Read More »

Belgian Authorities Did Not Find Nuclear Power Plant’s Plans On Dark Web

Last month, Belgian newspaper Sudpresse reported that they found plans for the Tihange nuclear power plant on the dark web. Now, Belgian authorities say that they couldn’t find any information regarding the nuclear power plant on the dark net. “Neither the security services or a private company could find the documents on the dark net relating to a Belgian nuclear ... Read More »

Four Accused Of Selling Drugs On Dark Web In Sweden

Three men and a woman were accused of running a vendor shop and selling narcotics on the dark web by Skaraborg District Court. Law enforcement authorities believe the dealers made about five million SEK ($540,000) by distributing the illegal substances. According to the indictment, the vendor shop ran between 2013 and April 2016. In April, Swedish law enforcement authorities raided ... Read More »

Industrial Spies Hunt Norwegian Trade Secrets On The Dark Web

According to general manager Ludwig Sandell at Dignato AS, there are industrial trade secrets posted on the dark web, which concerns Norwegian companies, such as Statoil or DNB. “Many companies have given up control of how valuable information is handled. In a time when it is so easy to get any information from the dark web,” Sandell said. Sandell’s security ... Read More »

Crime Is Moving To The Dark Web In Croatia, Report Says

According to news site novilist.hr, Croatia has seen an increase in dark web criminal activity, recently. The report says, since the anonymity of the Tor network and dark net marketplaces, more and more potential criminals are using the dark web for their activities. “Such people are more difficult to identify than on other conventional platforms, but that does not mean ... Read More »

PSNI Officer Tried To Buy Handgun From The Dark Web

Allen Kennedy, a 30-year-old officer at the PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland), tried to buy a handgun, ammunition and a silencer from the dark net, according to court documents. The PSNI officer was arrested during a sting operation in Belfast on September 5. He was arrested at Annadale Embankment in the southern part of the city after handing over ... Read More »