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University Of Liverpool Database Hacked, Information Of 6,500 Staff Members Posted On Dark Web Forum

Israeli researchers discovered that the database of the University of Liverpool had been hacked and the contact details of everyone working and teaching there was posted on a dark web forum. The information posted on the dark net domain is being promoted to launch targeted phishing attacks. According to security firm Cyberint, the name, address and work email addresses of ... Read More »

Porn Network Breached, Hacker Sells User Data On The Dark Web

A hacker gained access to the porn network Team Skeet and Paper Street Media (PSM), he is selling the login credentials, names, both physical and IP addresses of around 237,000 users on Dream Market under the username of TheNeoBoss. When asked about the purpose of his actions, the hacker stated: “I want to publicly shame them (the users) for their ... Read More »

Teenager Arrested for Trying To Buy Glock Pistol From The Dark Web

Megan Schadeberg (19), from Carmarthenshire, had attempted to buy a Glock handgun from the dark web and said she wanted to ”kill herself and kill the world” according to the court. During the house search, police found books on mass shootings where the girl made notes. They also found a diary where Schadeberg said that she “hated everyone” and “did ... Read More »

Top Aberdeen Banker Fined For Selling Personal Details On The Dark Web

Aditya Rajiv (28), a former top banking consultant in Aberdeen, was fined £4,200 for selling the bank account numbers and sort codes of two persons on the dark web. The man was also charged with stealing around £7,500 from pensioners while working for the Royal Bank of Scotland in Aberdeen, however, Rajiv was completely cleared on that case. Regarding his ... Read More »

Cerber Ransomware Service Offered On Dark Web Forum

According to Sensecy, a cyber intelligence company, Cerber, a ransomware popular in the Eastern block of Europe, is offered as a service on Russian dark web forums. According to Malwarebytes Labs’ analysis, Cerber is the first ransomware, which is targeting Apple’s OS X. It has been discovered that the virus has customizable options too, for example, it does not load ... Read More »

UN CITO Plans To Secure Dark Web With “Digital Blue Helmets”

Techtarget made an interview with Atafeh Riazi, the UN CITO (Chief Information Technology Officer), where she shared her ideas how to secure the dark web. According to her, the dark net can be foiled with “Digital Blue Helmets”, an expert group that will serve as the peacekeepers of the cyber world. She made this statement about the new group: “We ... Read More »

BetCoin Expands Into The Dark Web: Launches TorBet 777

BetCoin, a well-known bookmaker and Bitcoin casino who has already established a foothold on the clearnet, is launching its variant on the dark net, TorBet 777. >> Click Here to find the Best Bitcoin Casinos! << ”TorBet 777 is a 50/50 chance game” where “players choose the image they think will come next, and the payout is based on the ... Read More »

Drugs And Firearms Are More Common Than Religious Extremism On The Dark Web

“Suprise!” scientists from Kings College London conducted a research about the dark net, which they published in a journal titled ”Survival: Global Politics and Strategy”. According to them, religious extremist sites are pretty rare on the dark web, the ones selling drugs and guns are much more common. The research, which was conducted in early 2015, states that from among ... Read More »

Wendelstein Man Facing Court For Ordering Drugs From Dark Web

Franz K. (26), from Wendelstein, is facing charges for ordering several different drugs from dark net markets, such as hash, marijuana, and even viagra. According to the Swabach District Court, the amount of the illegal substances were around 203 grams and were delivered to the man by the German postal service. The man watched a documentary about the dark web, ... Read More »

US Voter Data Leaked To Dark Web By Hackers

According to databreaches.net, the personal information of 191 million voters of the United States has been exposed. Hackers are now posting data of voter millions on a ”well-known cybercrime forum” (Hell). The leaked info is not that sensitive by its nature, however, this act shows that every type of data could be interesting for hackers. The leaked information includes the ... Read More »

Google: ISIS Should Be Pushed Back To Dark Web

According to Google, the online ”propaganda machine” of the Islamic State (ISIS) should be pushed back from public view to the dark net. Jared Cohen, the director of Google Ideas, states to ”recapture digital territory” from the terrorist group, they need to make ISIS’ members fear the fact that they may be caught while posting messages on the clearnet. Cohen ... Read More »

Do People Really Buy Weapons From Dark Web Markets?

The US attorney general states that President Obama’s actions on weapons specially target the dark web, however, do people really buy their guns from there? The recent executive actions of the US President are aiming to decrease gun violence in the United States by requiring all gun sellers to not only be licensed but to perform background checks on the ... Read More »

Dark Web Security Firm Warning Islamic State Becoming Sophisticated

Flashpoint Intelligence, a security startup specializing in studying parts of the dark web, says Islamic State attackers are learning to do more to US websites than just vandalizing and DDoSing their home pages. The previous ISIS attacks on US domains were relatively unsophisticated, however, according to the security firm’s report, it may not stay that way forever. Alex Kassirer, terrorism ... Read More »